Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Religious Diversity

I won't reference anything here in this entry, I am just talking from a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 16 years.

Religious Diversity is something which has fascinated me this whole time.

Ever since I was 10, I would sit in my school library and read about all the different faiths of the world.

Indeed this is something of great interest to me.

Over the period of my short lifetime, I have visited a variety of churches, mosques, pagodas and temples. I have even visited a synagogue.

I've made contact with people from many different spiritual and religious backgrounds.

The human experience is enriched by faith. The diversity of our faiths, is one of the defining features of our humanity.

If I just focus on my own city of Auckland, New Zealand, I know of the 2 different synagogues in the city. One synagogue is for Orthodox Jews, while the other is for Reformed Jews.

The Manukau region has a variety of Mosques. In Manurewa, for example within kilometers of each other the Ahmaddiya mosque and Masjid Ayesha, 2 mosques with different views of Islam. Different again is Masjid At-Taqwa.

The whole Auckland region is host to many mosques, for the variety, not just of Sunni but Shia Muslims too, I have visited some of these.

I know the locations of and have visited some of the Hindu and Buddhist Temples of Auckland.

And I have visited 2 of South Auckland's Sikh temples, enjoying meals there.

One of the things that has always troubled me, even worried me, in terms of international issues, is Religious Intolerance particularly when this manifests as Religious persecution.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the first murder in history was an act of Religious intolerance, where the murderer was envious of the piety of his victim.

That tradition again records the 'feeding' of the first Christians to lions in Roman Gladiatorial stadia.

The Crusades on the 12th century were a religious war, as was the Spanish Inquisition.

Jews have been periodically persecuted, of recent memory the Nazi Holocaust.

Right Now, the religious persecution in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, seems to make headlines each day.

In some examples, religion can be perceived as the source of persecution and tolerance.

In my view, no great society or organisation can evolve and develop, let alone adequately function  without diversity.

We know in our own lives what it feels like when we are not accepted for how we live, or for what we believe in.

All the Great scriptures of the world call us to 'Love our Neighbour'.

The Holy Quran has  great advice, which was revealed very early on. In the 109th Chapter, it says
"To you be your religion, and to me be mine"

This verse highlights that we all inevitably have differences of opinion, thought and belief.

Indeed traditional Islamic society prided itself on allowing all people of all faith to practice their beliefs.

This was also extant in Ancient Vedic societies.

The Ancient America's, and the Pacific played host to a myriad of tribes and peoples and these too were societies were differing beliefs and religions flourished and co-existed.

In modern society, let me take an oppurtunity to call us all to emulate our Ancient ancestors in their tolerance and respect.

Indeed society will be much better off if we do.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Islam, a Unique view

These are all ONLY my own thoughts

In other blog entries you can read of how I denounce terrorism.

On Youtube if you search Taufiq Boldy you'll find my reversion story.

You can read an article which tells you a little about me.

There is a Te Kaea interview and a Te Karere interview.

What I want to NOW share are some views on contemporary Islamic issues.

As you may've seen I converted in 2007. My practice in 2007 was more reflected in my dress and diet, where I visited and who I associated with.

My practice of Islam at that time was outward, and showy

Today though, I have changed. My views are different and I feel I have matured.

Islam is more about serving God, through loving my family and helping the wider community.

My connection to God now is through serving those that God loves.

I also have, what may be termed liberal views and liberal life choices.

That is personal, but in the wider context is still part of my Islam

Islam is a Life lived for God alone. My life does belong only to Almighty God.

It is not a perfect life, but it is a Life I dedicate to God

My Islam, follows the Prophet and his Holy Family (Shia)

This means that like all Muslims I await the Second coming of Jesus Christ, but I ALSO await the return of the Last Imam.

I have Faith in the Return of Christ and the Imam.

Christ as the Religious Authority as well as the Legal and Political Authority and the Imam as a Spiritual Guide.

I believe this must happen in the future.

In terms of the contemporary issues, like Groups trying to re-establish Islamic rule, I DO NOT Support this.

Not just because the actions of these groups strike terror and and are abhorrent, But also because this does NOT reflect Islam at all.

Islam is a religion of Peace.

I do believe that Divinity and Holy Law can one day be supreme on the Earth.

But I believe it is ONLY up to Jesus Christ (pbuh) and the Imam (pbuh) to usher this in.

I feel no one else can do this.

I feel that no one else can administer the Holy Shariah like a Prophet or an Imam.

I do not trust anyone else to do so.

I also don't think that God trusts anyone else to do so either.

That's what I want to say.

Please comment below

Email to discuss further.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Maori Muslim

Manako 16/12/2014

Kingi Taurua and TeRata Hikairo

K: There is certainly a lot for us to discuss tonight. So, tonight as we’ve seen on TV, hostages have been captured in Sydney, by someone believed to be a Muslim. TeRata Hikairo is our speaker tonight, TeRata is a Muslim, he has thoughts to share on what he believes. Good evening my friend, TeRata
T: My matua, my respected Ngapuhi elder Kingi, I greet you and all the listeners tonight. Firstly, to correct what you said, Islam is a religion of Peace, a religion of Love and a religion which takes care of people. Therefore these terrorist actions currently taking place in Sydney tonight, are those of 1 deranged individual. Such actions have no relation to Islam. That being said, my own family and friends say to me ‘You Muslims, you are terrorists’. My response tonight is that Terrorism has nothing to do with Muslims. We are condemning these actions.
K: It is very good that you say that. Expound more on what you say of love and care for people. Is that indeed what (Islam) is about?
T: Yes. Yes indeed. The essence of our faith, is a belief in God. The same essence that you’ll find in any Christian Church, any Synagogue and Hindu Temple. In fact all churches have Love and Peace. Islam is the same. Now, what frustrates me is that this is the 3rd time in a 1-2 week period, that I am again on Manako to broadcast that my religion is Peaceful, mine is a religion of Love, and is a religion of caring, NOT a Terrorist organisation. I’m frustrated that I have to continually do this, WHILE still remaining grateful that I can broadcast this truth, that it may be widely known that Muslims are a peaceful people.
K: Thank very much again, and it is great to hear you speaking our language, and that you come on Maori Radio. I acknowledge the ignorance of some in the different churches (organisations). It is also great to hear you talking more about this and of the passion of many in their support of your religion.
T: Indeed. In the last 30 years, we have had a lot of Muslims immigrate to New Zealand, and our numbers are the same, we are about 30,000. About 1000 of all Muslims in New Zealand, are ethnically Maori. Those are stats from Statistics New Zealand. Many New Zealand muslims, are business people, doctors, nurses, Kohanga teachers and Kura Kaupapa Teachers. We are just normal people.
But, some still think, that when Terrorist actions take place like in Australia, people think ‘That’s scary, these people are violent’. But NO. We are just like, Hindus, Christians and Jews. We are loving and peaceful.
K: Are there many Maori who are Muslim?
T: YES. Statistics say there are about 1000, from all the different Iwi. Many are in Auckland, some in Hastings, others in Christchurch. But yes there are 1000, according to statistics.
K: Thank you, Thank you. And do you pray to God?
T: Yes, yes indeed. In fact we share beliefs with Christians; We believe in Jesus Christ, Moses and Abraham (peace be upon them), We believe in Scripture, We pray, we give Charity, and all of these sorts of things. Just today, when I went to the Mosque, I saw Children learning Scriptures. That is it really. We are scriptural, prayerful and loving.
K: Our Government seeks to send troops to fight ISIS, What do you think about that?
T: The John Key-led Government will do as they do. I believe, that we really need to examine and understand our reasoning what our course of action might possibly be. I agree with sending Humanitarian Aid if Iraqi and Syrian civilians ask the NZ Government for Humanitarian Aid, to help parents and children there. Again, in my opinion, if NZ troops need to be deployed to train (Iraqi and Syrian) Armed forces, then this is OK. But in terms of direct combat, This worries me because I don’t want Kiwi troops placed in harm’s way, and I’d rather Kiwi troops be involved in peace-keeping. That’s my personal opinion.
K: And for your Maori Culture. You grew up with your Maori culture and your Maori language. How does that all fit in with you being Muslim?
T: For the majority of the 1000 Maori Muslims, and this is my opinion, we do not see the difference (what I’m saying may surprise some) BUT, We do not see the difference of the Old cultural values and our current religious values, values like; Taking care of women and upholding her status in society which is of high regard, taking care of the elderly, being hospitable, praying to God, caring for the environment, giving to the poor and all of these kinds of things. Tribalism, Tribal relationships, inter and intra family relationships, and the most important thing Spirituality. Yes, the names are different, in Maori God is IO Matua Kore (the Parentless God). The Quran says in Arabic:

This speaks of a Parentless God.
K: Oh my Friend!! Yes.
T: This concept of a Parentless God, is exactly the same.  But, that all being said. Returning to tonight’s topic, We hope that the whole community understands that we completely condemn Terrorism, because we are peaceful.
K: Thank YOU. It has been great speaking to you, we’ll certainly speak again, Thank you.
T: Thank you.
K: Listeners, that was the Muslim, TeRata Hikairo who spoke to us tonight. Good evening.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Maori Muslim condemns Sydney Siege


Tena Taatou katoa
Salaam aleykum

I give heartfelt greetings of love and peace

My prayers, thoughts and aroha are with the hostages and their whanau.
My heart goes out to those whanau.

I in no way sympathise, indeed I completely condemn the alleged gunman/gunmen, creating an alleged hostage situation in the Sydney CBD.

I express my anger and frustration at the use of sacred symbols of the Islamic faith, being used in this siege. This is tantamount to the Nazi distortion of the vedic Swastika.

I pray for the people of Sydney, I invoke Allah to protect the people of New South Wales and I continue to pray for the people of Australia.

-          TeRata Hikairo

Monday, 1 December 2014

Maori Muslim refutes ISIS

English Translation of Interview

Pier: Greetings everybody. It’s likely you’ve all heard of the war overseas in Syria, in the surrounding regions which involves ISIS. Joining me now is, one of us, his name is TeRata Hikairo and he has some thoughts about a certain Maori person who has been following and (reportedly) supports the fight of ISIS overseas. TeRata is on the phone now, Greetings TeRata.

TeRata: Greetings. Greeting Pier, Greetings to everyone listening across the nation. Tonight I greet you all with the warm and peaceful greetings of Islaam.

Pier: TeRata, for a long time we have observed one of ours from Ngati Kahungunu, one who has changed his name, one who now wears foreign clothes, and now he is being watched by the Government. His name is Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, his new name is Izhaq Kireka-Whaanga, what do you have to say about Izhaq’s outbursts.

TeRata: First of all, I have met this man Sheikh Izhaq, who is a well-known New Zealander, despite his bad opinions, he is a well known person. BUT, in terms of what he says in support of Terrorists and the war of ISIS, the vast majority of and there are 1000 of us, and we are part of the wider Muslim Community of some 30-40000 in New Zealand, We are a Peaceful People, We are a prayerful people, We are a loving people, We are compassionate people, We take care of the elderly, of women and children. And therefore when someone comes out and says that they support Terrorism and the war of ISIS of Iraq and Syria, The vast majority of us DO NOT SUPPORT (that War or Terrorism). So yes, what Izhaq is saying is just outbursts, big silly outbursts, and these are Bad things to say. Insomuch as the vast majority of us are Peaceful.

Pier: TeRata, are you saying to that you are with Muslims, that you are a Muslim.

TeRata: It is known widely through Youtube, The Government, and through TV Media, it is known that I am Muslim. My Islam is demonstrated through my community and school work, and thus I am different to some Muslims. Insomuch as my Islam is of my heart, not by my clothes or my diet, or like what Izhaq does. But indeed by my community work, that shows my faith. My faith in who, in God. That is what we Muslims believe, what we all believe. In Maori God is known as Io Matua Kore, In Hebrew God is Elohim, in Arabic he is Allah, but God is One. And so, again to Emphasize, if one comes out saying that they support Terrorism, We as Muslims DO NOT ACTUALLY SUPPORT THIS, Because we are Peaceful.

Pier: We can see that there are indeed many Maori that have become Muslim, is this so?

TeRata: Yes yes. Statistics New Zealand, say that there are approx.. 1000. In these last 20-30 years the numbers continue to increase. It is known the world over that Islam is an expanding religion. It can be seen that many people, Pakeha, Maori, Samoan etc, Many are entering this Peaceful Religion.

Pier: What do you think is the problem with these Maori, Are they lonely? What makes them enter these new foreign religions?

TeRata: I have shared my opinion is past years. I have met elderly and people who are Izhaq’s age, and I believe that we are all Maori, but our opinions are not homogenous. Our blood and our genealogy is the same, but our thoughts can be different. But it does not matter who the Maori is, whether Kahungunu, Ngapuhi, Ngai Tai or Ngati Whatua, we as Maori believe in the same God. I have met many Maori of many different faiths and churches, and I have also met Maori who still pray and have the religion of our ancestors. Indeed, for the majority of Maori Muslims, we don’t see the difference between our old ways and the ways given us by God, in Islam. But obviously, everyone has a different view.

Pier: TeRata, in the old days, Maori were Anglican. Catholic or Mormon. What is wrong with these churches?

TeRata: There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I take my answer from the Scriptures, like the Bible and the Quran and Book of Mormon which all empower the right of the person to choose their own path to God. Indeed, it has once been said; God is like the top of a Mountain. But there are many paths to get to the top of the Mountain. Much like we Muslims, who’ve chosen a particular path. But we are just like all our Maori. We still go to our Marae, just like any of our Christian or Jewish whanau. Though we have chosen a path, a different path, but a path nonetheless that gets to God.

Pier: TeRata the thing that worries your people about you, is that we see Muslims, who chop their enemy’s heads off and who hurt Pakeha and who hate Americans. This is a murderous religion. What do you have to say to that?

TeRata: Indeed. It is true that the TV media has portrayed this. I won’t refute that those images are broadcast. Because such things do exist.

But I for my part, read the Holy Quran, I have met people face to face. I have gone to mosques throughout NZ and overseas. The only people I have met there are Peaceful people.

So indeed there is a huge disconnect between what the TV Media portrays, and what my own eyes and ears have seen in Mosques and the homes of Muslims. What the TV Media portrays and what my eyes have seen in Mosques is completely different.

Therefore I see and I know, Much like tonight, where many people have seen and heard Sheikh Izhaq and believe he is a great Muslim, and that what he has to say is representative of all Muslims.

But when I see what he has said, I say, those are only his particular thoughts. Those are only his thoughts. Indeed the infinitesimally small band, much like ALL Groups and Churches, that think like Izhaq, is indeed very very small.

The vast majority of us 99% or even more, 99.99% do not believe in Terrorism, neither do we support Wars or Extremism. In fact we believe in the Peace and Love of God

Pier: TeRata, we have run out of time. But I really acknowledge the explanations that you have given and the great things that you have said, at another time we can talk more.

TeRata: Thank you Pier. Salaam aleykum.

Pier: That was TeRata Hikairo talking about Islam, which has been in all the nation’s newspapers. We continue to acknowledge him. This is all on Manako.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Flawed Select committee

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee dropped the ball today.

They did receive an orline submission. But didn't follow through with an Oral submission as I had so arranged yesterday with their Clerk.


Here are my typed thoughts that I wanted to give in my Oral Submission.

These have been sent on to some MPs and Media as of the Evening of the 28th of November 2014

Tena Koutou katoa, nga mema o te Komiti Whiriwhiri

Good afternoon Honourable members.

Thank you to the Chairman and the committee for allowing me to speak.

Special Greetings to him.

Kia Ora Dr. Reti MP of my home town Whangarei, Mr Benett, an MP from the Town I studied.

I acknowledge all committee members especially Dr Kennedy Graham.

Nga mihi nunui.



Thank you all for reading my online submission on this Bill.


Please know that I am not legal expert, my field is more Education.



But I address you all today, based on my submission and on my commitment as a New Zealand Citizen and indeed a Global citizen, and I have a strong commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you Mr Shearer having worked previously fof the UN will know this well, as I expect all the other Honourable members will know.



Today, my first korero before you  is in the defence of the Freedom of Movement.


I believe it is a fundamental Human right, upheld in national and international law, to be able to move freely without hindrance. In fact, any of us who read the cover page of our Passports will know that the Governor General himself and our Head of State, whom he represents, BOTH uphold this fundamental freedom.


Therefore, I completely fail to understand, why issuers of this Passport (ie the New Zealand Government) would in 1 breath grant a passport and in another take it away.

Yes it is their property, but why issue it, if that desire so exists to take it away, based on the assumptions of some government official.


The taking away of someone’s passport or Uruwhenua is a contravention of tikanga, in so much that the Maori Warrior in the Coat of Arms of that very Passport, defends the tikanga and the mana of somebody to move freely upon the face of Papatuanuku, Tawhirimatea and Hine Moana.


This proposed legislation contravenes all of that. And this is a gross perpetuation of Human Rights abuse.



Secondly, I wish to remind the Committee that I can find NO ‘Special Circcumstance’ that would

Warrant No Warrant.

My home and my whanau are tapu to me. I know that every single one of you on the other side of this phone call also hold your homes, your own homes where your partners, tamariki and whanau are…. These are special to you.


Therefore I can not understand why this legislation seeks trample on the tapu of our homes, by potentially allowing some SIS to watch our kainga without a warrant.


I have no doubt, that there are people we need to protect the rest of New Zealand against.


But I am satisfied, that the current Law which makes the SIS and/or other get Warrants to watch us…. I am satisfied with that law and policy as it stands there.


We must not empower agents to watch our homes for up to 2 days, because ‘they think we are terrorists’.

This extends to our cars, our places where we associate and go. I don’t want my fundamental privacy and tapu to be trampled on by this Bill.


If there is a need for surveillance, there is always a need for a Warrant.


Illegal Spying has happened before.


This happened in Operation 8 in Tuhoe, and we can not let something like that happen again.


I know the Law is not intended to target specific groups… but it needs to be known… that if Abuses of power can happen in the Past, like in Tuhoe.. they can happen AGAIN.




Third and most poignant for me


Is the Human Right to be totally Free from Discrimination.


As my submission brings out, I have been investigated by intelligence agencies.


I have never been a Terrorist. I have never wanted to be one. I have never supported terrorist groups. I will never support Terrorist attacks or other actions. I am emphatic about this.


I love.. I believe in Peace.



But none of that stopped me from being interrogated and interviewed over a 2 year period by Intelligence Agencies


This was between 2008 to 2010.



If that happened under Former Laws… I can’t imagine what would happen under this Proposed Law.



As such.. This is my Oral Submission.


I am happy to take questions. Thank you

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Who does the Maori Party work for

This is just my opinion.

Kia Ora.
This flowing off my fingers, just the very way I think it.
I am typing late at night, having just been woken from a dream. In the dream, I was having a poignant conversation.
New Zealand’s General Election happened just over a month ago. The New Government has been sworn in, as has the 51st Parliament, which is now sitting.
We have something unprecedented in New Zealand history; that is that 30% of the New Zealand Legislature (people who make our laws) are Now, all MAORI.
We can be grateful that that Legislature has something Unique. What is unique is that we have seats that are there for MAORI. There are 7 MAORI Seats. All these 7 MAORI Seats are there, so that the people sitting in them work for MAORI.
Unfortunately, in that Legislature of 121 MPs, we have (since our inception 10 years ago) the lowest number of MAORI PARTY MPs. We only have 2.

If we are real with ourselves, the reason why we have the lowest number, all comes down how we told people our message. Who do we work for? Do THEY know what we do? Do THEY know who we are?

I now wish to make a simplistic statement about political perception and messaging in New Zealand.

See tables below

I will name all the Parties represented in the Parliament (as well as others that ran in the General Election, but who didn’t make it in).

Business people, Corporations
NZ First
Elderly people
Fisherman, “Middle New Zealand”
Taxpayers, Consumers

Conservative people
Internet Users
Cannabis Users
Poor People

We see in the 2 tables above, that messaging tells us who we think political Parties work for, and what we associate them and their names with.

Again, I come back to 2 questions;
 Who does the Maori Party work for? Do “they” know we work for them?
Above, on the first page, you’ll see MAORI in bold 5 times. But you’ll notice if you re-read those sentences, that I don’t explicitly say the MAORI PARTY works just for MAORI.
That’s because I fundamentally don’t believe that. It is an untrue statement to say that the MAORI PARTY works only for MAORI.
It is more accurate and more true to say that those in the MAORI SEATS work for MAORI.
The 26 MPs of MAORI descent can also work for MAORI.
Look carefully at the sentences just above. Maori is written 7 times, Maori Party is written twice.
We have 2 Maori Party MPs. We have 7 Maori seats.
Again, the 2 questions;
Who does the Maori Party work for? Do “they” know we work for them?
You may say, “Hang on, 6 of the 7 Maori Seats are with Labour, we only have 1 out of 7”.
Yes, that’s obviously true. What may not be obvious though, is that, parties aside, every one of the 7 Maori people in the 7 Maori seats all have whakapapa Maori, have Maori families and in each in their unique ways are committed to Kaupapa Maori. And whether we like it or not, Maori voters voted for these 7 Maori people to represent them in the 51st Parliament.
What is critical is that the way all votes fell in the 2014 New Zealand General Election, meant that we have 30% of our Parliament made up of Maori.
Crucially for the Maori Party, for the first time, we have victory not just with voters in the Maori seats. Proportionately, a percentage of voters on the ‘General Roll’ have helped to gift us List MP.
This to me, shows that a percentage (though very small) of New Zealand voters overall, know who we work for and thus gave us that confidence.
The Maori Party does NOT work for Maori, The Maori Party works for WHANAU.WHANAU are at the heart of our policies. WHANAU are at the heart of who we are. WHANAU are our focus. We are WHANAU. We are a WHANAU. WHANAU are our yardstick, WHANAU are our gauge. WHANAU tell us where to go, WHANAU tell us what to do.
That is who I believe, the Maori Party works for. I believe the Maori Party works for Whanau.
I am sure you believe that too. We need to tell WHANAU that we work for them. WHANAU need to know that we work for them. If all WHANAU knew who we worked for, and voted accordingly, then the MAORI PARTY would not just be the Largest Party in the NZ Parliament, we’d be the only Party in NZ Parliament. That is because, everyone has a WHANAU. If from now on, we work with this in mind, we will always do better.

Kia Ora.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blatant Racism of Garth McVicar


Mr McVicar

Nobody denies that Criminal things happen in the criminal world. More to the point, we must all work to find workable solutions.
But importantly;

What many Maori are asserting (and Minister Flavell simply makes public)

Is that there is IN FACT Institutional Racism in or Justice system.

Those who deny THAT, have Their heads in the sand

TeRata Rangi Hikairo

Subject: Re: Blatant Racism
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 18:07:38 +1300

Thanks for your email. I'm not sure if you are aware that presently gangs in prison are actively recruiting members by getting them hooked on drugs and indebted to them while in prison. Once released many of these young people have no option but to commit crime to pay their debt. Anyone who ignores this problem does indeed have their head in the sand. Mr Flavell makes no mention of this problem but alludes to the police actually targeting offenders based on race. That suggestion is a nonsense and does nothing to deal with the root cause of the problem. 
Kind Regards
Garth McVicar

Sent from my iPhone
Garth McVicar

On 14/10/2014, at 1:52 pm, Te Rata Hikairo <> wrote:

Tena Koe Mr Mcvicar

I am seeking clarification about your statements in this article.

Does the article, accurately reflect your views??

If so, then it is utterly racist against young Maori and does Nothing to help young offenders of Maori descent.

In contrast, Minister Flavell's comments, seek to change conditions and make things better.

You only seek to quash such efforts.

Possibly out of pakeha ignorance.... I'm not 100% sure.

Either way...

I find what you (reportedly) said, reprehensive.

Kia Ora ra.

Naku na,

TeRata Rangi Hikairo

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Email to my Leader


RE: Tena Koe E Te Minita

I'm so happy to be able to write those words in the subject line of this email.

On the night of September 20th, we were obviously a bit deflated about Papa Rangi not getting in.

BUT, I was so glad that I gave 2 Ticks to the maori Party (as I have been since my first time voting in 2008).

Those 2 ticks meant that I (and 37000+ other New Zealanders) help send a kaiwahina for you in that House.

Papa T.U.

I look up to you as my rangatira. I now count you and Whaea Marama as maatua for the motu.

Both of you have my respect and admiration.

I am delighted to have read the column in the Rotorua newspaper. I agree, 150%

Papa T.U.

Please know, you and Whaea Marama have my dedication, my love and my willingness to continue to tautoko and serve.

Naku na,

TeRata Rangi Hikairo

Sunday, 3 August 2014


My very last post was about about my abiding respect for the Kingitanga.
I am a descendant of Hoturoa, Marutuahu and Hikairo.
My whakapapa links me to Pare Hauraki.
Our waka is Tainui.

The people of Waikato-Tainui are one people.

We are the guardians of the Kingitanga.

We all look to the sacred maunga of Taupiri and the Waikato River is our life-blood.

Our Koroneihana fast approaches.


The Hauraki-Waikato Electorate is vast.

It goes from south Auckland all the way to Te Awamutu.

This electorate is our heartland and is in the heart of Aotearoa.

It is this electorate which has had my attention and focus this weekend.

These 2 wahine toa must work together.

We can achieve this.

We can have 2 Wahine working for Hauraki Waikato.

In my humble opinion,

We can help Susan Cullen (Wetere) get in as the Candidate, and Nanaia Mahuta can get in on the List.

We can have 2 Wahine serve us all.

We as the Tainui people deserve this.

Sunday, 27 July 2014


He uri ahau no Hoturoa, no Marutuahu, no Hikairo hoki.

No Manaia au, no te Pare Hauraki.

On my Dad's side, we whakapapa to Tainui Waka.
Our marae is in Manaia.

I didn't grow up there, but my tupuna TeRata Hikairo is buried there.

Our links to Tainui, mean that our hapu and Iwi are with the Kingitanga.

On Mum's side, I am Ngapuhi. That's where I grew up amongst Ngapuhi and in Te Tai Tokerau.

I am a Ngapuhi.

I am also Ngati Hikairo and Ngati Maru.

I have a deep, abiding love and respect for the Kingitanga, even though I admittedly have so very much to learn.

That's my whakaaro. Kia Ora ra

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My opinion

This is all my own opinion.

It is just what I think.

It's all just my own opinion. It's my own thoughts.

I cast my mind back to the 2008 Election.

For Maori, alot had lead to them electing 5 Maori Party MPs in the Maori seats.

Primary among them were the Tuhoe raids, and the rejection bu the NZ Government of the U.N.D.R.I.P

The Maori Party had been in Parliament for a full term, since the 2005 Election. They had debated every issue and opposed many many things, voting many many things down.

By giving the Maori Party 5 MPs, Maori voters at that time, were giving there confidence and their trust to the Maori Party.

Let's remember, Parekura Horomia was still alive. Hone Harawira was a Maori Party MP. (I voted for him in 2008)

We had no way of increasing Labour's bloc, and thus helping them get in to Government. And of course, we have no assurance they would've even asked, had they still been in Government.

Now, let's explore the possibility, 6 years ago of STAYING in Opposition.

We'd still be in Parliament. We'd still have 5 MPs.

But the Maori Party were the unheard of, Maori lot.

And what could we have done. We had a bigger team. We had a strong membership. We had a firm Party structure, up and down the country.

BUT; No power. No real say. And we could effect NOTHING!!!!

All the aspirations and hopes given to us, would come to nothing, as we had no way to achieve them.

The other factor to consider, was that National had run a campaign on getting rid of the very Maori seats that the Maori Party (and Parekura and Nanaia) had won.

National were about to team up with ACT and United Future.

The Global recession was destroying Maori hopes, Maori dreams, Maori jobs and Maori livelihoods.

We had a fairly New Maori King.

We had a Maori Council, but I am not sure that grassroots really knew who they were.

So the Maori World, Maori people and the Maori Party were set up for lack of leadership, lack of resourcing, lack of help and alot more to lose.

The Free market could've destroyed us, and both major parties wouldn't care who we were or What we said or did. Five little fish in a big Pakeha sea.

The Maori Party had made NO Law changes, they had NO Funding for projects of initiatives.
They talked alot, but didn't do much.

And so....

IN MY OPINION, I believe, that considering all of that;

If the Maori Party had NOT Gone in to Government in 2008;

They would've been out of Parliament in 2011.

Hone gone, Pita gone, Tariana gone, Rahui gone, Te Ururoa gone...

They'd be gone too early.. without having made any great gains

No Maori Party, no Mana Movement...

No one to fight for Mana Motuhake, No Champions of Tino Rangatiratanga,

Monday, 7 July 2014

Treaty Partner

Tonight, our tupuna have given me a message. A message of hope. A message of clarity.

I have, these last few days, been re-invigorating myself in terms of the Maori Party. The way I have done this is by sharing our beautiful history as a Party, with some amazing rangatahi.

It is on the back of this, having spent this afternoon at the local marae with them, that I believe, the tupuna decided to share this message with me.

The message, if I can attempt to put it in written words is this:

Yes. The Maori Party is us. We are the Maori Party.

The Maori Party is the realization of the dreams and goals we left on Earth.

The Maori Party has taken it's rightful place in the New Zealand Government as Treaty Partners.

Only the Maori Party can be the true treaty partner. Only the Maori Party can be the Treaty Partner.

The two major parties can only seek to represent Crown interests, and the ways of the Crown.

But the New Zealand Government must always have a Treaty Partner. Only our Maori Party, can be that.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Celebrate Matariki

This is ALL my own opinion.

I won't use references.

This is me blurting out on my blog, my thoughts.

Matariki, Makahiki, Matali'i, Pleiades, Subaru.

All different names, for the group of stars (constellation) pictured above.

Across the Pacific, the annual emergence Matariki, signals the beginning of Our New Year.

This Year, This Calendar has been use in the Pacific for thousands of years.

With the Maori renaissance we saw the wide revitalization of Matariki Celebrations.

For me, this is about remembering what has always been part of us. It is part of who we are. It is part of our Pasifika way of life.

I personally believe in making Matariki a public holiday.

I say this, because there is currently NO legal recognition of Matariki.

After a law passing it would probably involve kaumatua and kuia across the motu, who would consult with the Department of Labour and MBIE.

They would help in setting and adjusting the date each year.

However it happens, it should always be guided by Tikanga.

My only concern with making Matariki a public holiday, is making sure that it doesn't become overly commercialized like Christmas or Easter.

I don't buy in to the 'lost productivity' korero, because that is never considered in terms of the all the other holidays that we already have.

These are my basic thoughts.

Prompted by this post and it's comments


Please comment, discuss and debate.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tangata Whenua and Democracy

This, like all my blogs, gives my OWN opinion. It's is only my opinion.

It is open to discussion, criticism, critique and debate. This is welcome!!
Before reading on, have a read of this entry. It gives context to my beliefs in relation to all of this.

I believe in democracy. I believe in giving all people the chance to have and be empowered, this is the centre of many strong Governments across the world.

Though, not just Governments, but many organisations have decisions taken up by voting.

To have your say and for it to be heard, is what I believe Democracy is.

We need this. And this will always shape, form and stabilise Aotearoa-New Zealand as we know it.

Pure Democracy can give expression to Tino Rangatiratanga, in the form that the above blog entry espouses.

For me though, I know that Democracy as it is, has NOT always been used in the best ways for MAORI.

In fact, the very essence of Democracy, means that Maori are NOT special, because all groups can have a say.

And that for me is the rub.

Democracy is not an essential part of pre-colonisation. In those times, Democracy did NOT play a huge role in the Governance of Whanau, Hapuu and Iwi.

We were "governed" by tikanga. Or in modern terms, Natural Law determined our movements and our lives.

The height of the expression thereof, fell upon our Ariki and Rangatira.

The proof thereof, is in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This was not a document, debated over in the public arena. Referenda were not taken on this. Votes were not cast by the whole population of Aoteroa, to give credence to that document. Rangatira signed it, and thus gave it mana.

OF COURSE, our country, our people, indeed all of us are NOT "governed" in this way today.

Democracy reigns. Choice, voting, wide discussion etc, etc.

But again I say... WHAT ABOUT MAORI?????

How can we best use Democracy? What does Democracy have to offer Maori?

Well, I want to take an international context.

In the Pacific, there's Fiji and Tonga.

In Asia, there's China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea.

In the America's it's Cuba.

In Africa it's Swaziland.

And of course, most of the Middle East.

These are countries, where DEMOCRACY does not play a prominent role.

There are also other countries were there are varying degrees of 'democracy'. Some countries have none, in the form that we in Aotearoa-New Zealand are familiar with.


Well our entrance, our part, our governance is in the implementation and expression of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

That is our modern Foundation as a people.

Our credence, our modern racial whakapapa, our modern power, our stake in the ground, our part to play.... it ALL rests on Te Tiriti.

And so, in modern times, for our governance and for OUR MANA..... For our power, our Tino Rangatiratanga.... ALL rests in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Our interaction with and use of Democracy in the modern form MUST be informed by our foundation, Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is our voice. And we continue to give power to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


In Election year... let this be our frame of mind. Te Tiriti o Waitangi must guide our thinking, as we participate in Democracy.

Maori are at the heart of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

Our votes, in Election year, must always be to empower of Tiriti voice.

We are Tiriti Partners.

Let us always be SO.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tamariki Whairawa

I affirm the greatness of Tamariki in Aotearoa.

Our Tamariki come from many different families in many different communities.

Aotearoa - New Zealand is a well develoed, first world nation.

We have a world class Education system, strong social security and our health system is mainly in public hands.

This means that historically we have had a Government [no matter the major party] which has always had a strong focus on our Tamariki.

I Know what Chilld poverty is.. having visited developing and third world nations. I've seen child neglect, child labour and a lack of strong parenting. I know how this affects tamariki and how it perpetuates poverty down the generations. I am not being biased or discriminatory, that what I saw with my eyes.

And it is NOT necessarily limited to overseas... Child abuse in some whanau in Aotearoa... plays a significant role in bringing those whanau down. That is definitely so.

BUT!!!! I want us to adapt our language AND our thinking!!!

We KNOW Poverty is there.. and so are whanau hardships.

The thing is though.. that what we believe.. WE GET!!

Our schools are open.. Doctors and nurses still work for us.. Social services are available... We can get jobs.. Our Marae are still open... Centres focussed on Youth are still there...

ALL The tools are available inside AND outside our own home... Tools to lift us all up.

Abuses are rife and systemic... But we do our OWN Tamariki a huge disservice if we don't reach for the tools for them.

If we as Adults don't take a stand for our kids.. WHO WILL???

We will!!! WE MUST!!!

Our Tamariki are RICH.

Rich in spirit... My mum always told me that...

I hope you always tell your kids that.

And do all you can to create wealth for you and your tamariki.

Kia Ora

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

To the Minister of Finance in 2014

Nei ka mihi ki te Minita

Sir, I have listened to my MP, Dr. Pita Sharples, speak of you in glowing terms.

You truly care not just for moving the country as whole FOWARD, But, I can see that your Government deeply cares for families.

Because of you, more people have warmer homes, more kids can get a better Education at ALL Levels, more families can be safe and secure and most of ALL New Zealanders can direct their own future.

For me, I want to praise the fact that you have successfully steered us out of the worst financial crisis in a generation.

The recession dealt heavy blows to Maori. We lost jobs, we lost livelihoods and our families were hurt the most by that catastrophe.

Now, we have a 30 BILLION Dollar Economy, More Maori are employed every day, Our radio stations and our TV Station streams our language, our sporting traditions are being upheld, our sacred knowledge is being protected, our tamariki will have BETTER health, our kids can be more ready every morning for kura, We can build MAORI Innovation and our beautiful story can be told again.

I express my heartfelt thanks, both to You, and your fellow Ministers.

MOST Of all, I greet, applaud and THANK Our Honourable Prime Minister.

E te Matua,

Nga manaakitanga ki runga i a koe, ki runga i to whanau, otira, kia taatou katoa.

Kia ora ra

TeRata Rangi Hikairo

Sunday, 4 May 2014

You deserve it

Maori people are at a huge crossroads.

Two of their greatest leaders, This side of the millennium are stepping down from Political life.

The 2 founding co-leaders of the Maori Party are making way for new leadership and are giving younger people a chance to step up.

Their achievements are numerous.

But this blog is LESS about their incredible achievements.. but MORE about their undeniably genuine... heartfelt.. PERSONAL Principles.

Those principles are Whakawhanaungatanga, Manaakitanga and Rangatiratanga.

Their principles are OUR principles as Maori.

Their principles are instilled in those they work with AND are in the one's who will FOLLOW them.

They lead all Maori to Parliament in 2005.. and we got them in to Government in 2008.'

We deserve to have an independent INDIGENOUS Voice in Government.

We are the ONLY One's in all the world that have that.

It's is as valuable as the lives of our tamariki mokopuna. In fact.. their future is secured.. so long as that voice is there.

Kia Ora ano taatou.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Official Languages

These are all my OWN Thoughts and opinions.

On the status of official Languages in New Zealand...
The purpose of granting legal recognition to a language is so that a sovereign Government can make a call on which languages can be used in official settings, documents, laws, departments, ministries, speeches etc etc. It also is a strong stance of that Government which gives, in New Zealand's case grants LEGAL Recognition to it's Native language.
LEGAL Recognition does not affect usage. Even if a Language is not legally recognised by a country... that Language, it's prestige, it's history, its' associated culture... is NOT Diminished.
No Language on Earth, needs a Bill or Act to make it great.

The Maori Language in New Zealand, NEEDED Government support to help it stay alive.
And there was the idea that the Government of the past needed to play a role in this.

The same is true today.


All 3 of our current national languages have played a significant role in our society, and are in high regard at many levels of society, but MORE work needs to be done.

THIS Is a HUGE Undertaking, and needs to be the priority of successive NZ Governments.
It would be too much to try to officially help and legislate the status of foreign Languages in New Zealand.

NO Foreign Languages, nor their speakers actually need 'legal or Government help' in the speaking and living of Their languages.

They are spoken widely, used freely and play a major role in the communities that speak them.

Moreover it rests with FOREIGN Governments to revitalise and sustain their own languages in their own countries. Indeed the communities in those countries share that responsibility with their own foreign Governments.

As a stellar example, the Samoan Government has set up a Samoan Language Commission in Samoa. This protects Gagana Samoa.

The Cook Island's Government has also officially recognised their own native language and ought to be congratulated for this.

I am not seeking to stomp out other languages or say anything to that effect.

What I'm saying is that the NZ Government will focus on NZ Languages, and foreign Governments can focus on foreign languages.

I do not wish to stop anyone in New Zealand from using, reading, writing or speaking their own special language. In fact I strongly encourage that, and everyone should do so.

I am saying that the NZ Government need Not focus on foreign languages as this tramples on the mana of Foreign Governments to do so.

The priority of the NZ Government should be NZ Languages.