Tuesday, 27 August 2013


This is my first blog post in over a week.

I have changed locations.

I've travelled 4 hours North from my usual location [Auckland NZ] to the Hokianga.

I'll be here for 4 weeks.


This is where I was raised, where I went to school.

This is my community. I get my sense of self and my sense of belonging from this very place.

I was born here and have an innate, intrinsic connection to this land stretching across the centuries, when my ancestors landed on these shores to find their piece of Paradise.


Being here, I love seeing stars at night. I love knowing that it's not the planes overhead, but the cows on pastures near that wake me in the morning.
I love how sound echoes around the mountains. I love being just metres from the shore.

I love the closeness of the people here.

For me, in all the earth, nowhere is as beautiful as my home.

This is MY Home.


This is a personal blog entry, and may seem rather parochial to some of my more international readers.

But if you did take the time to read this, Kia Ora, Thank you.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Political Strategy

Good evening Reader

I usually blog in the day [in NZ]. But today I devoted 10 beautiful hours to the Maori Party,  and to the Member of Parliament for the Tamaki Makaurau Electorate, Hon. Dr Pita Sharples.

Today he opened a new office in order to be more effectively accessible to both his constituents and his electors

I have been a Member of the Maori Party since 2008, and have  been active in my membership since 2010.

I believe in this Party, and in the kaupapa for which it stands.

With about 16 months until the General Elections here in New Zealand, I have relearned today
how important it is to be politically involved.

We as a Nation are a comparatively young democracy.
Our nation is not even 2 centuries old.

And yet this young nation is unique in our region and throughout the world.

Born of a partnership forged by over 500 noble signatures, our ancestors could not have even begun to imagine the implications of putting their inked marks on a parchment which would form a nation.

That partnership is alive today, at tribal levels, at municipal levels and at national levels.


We MUST remember as a nation, as citizens, but most importantly as Electors....

What ever problems we find in our nation, in the government or anywhere.... [all of which we are all acutely aware]

We must BE THE Change we wish to see.

It is up to us to make impressions that will last.

Because as those 500+ noble signatories were aware, over 170 years ago...

What we do now, will echo down the years making impacts greater than we can yet imagine....

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Reaffirm Life

It seems that when I have a blog post with a controversial title and/or subject matter I get more views.

Well I have to say, There is NO Social issue closer to my heart, no more important an issue, no more relevant to the lives of thousands every day then the issue of 'Suicide', and especially how to prevent more and more suicides.


You may be reading this, and someone you know has lost their lives to suicide.

You may be comforting a friend, associate or another member of your family, who may be dealing with a recent suicide.

Or, like me you have nobody immediately close to you who has died in this way, but you are passionate enough, and have enough compassion to care and do something about this.

If you are contemplating this as an option LISTEN TO ME.

The good that you do.. DOES MATTER. Honestly, it may seem small to you, but it is NOTICED.

You DO Matter. I Truly know it doesn't seem like that, but you do matter. It's so hard to see, hear and know, but those around you in the main, DO CARE.

Ohhh and here's the smile you want to see :)


If you have lost somebody to suicide, I extend my love and care for you.

I don't pretend to know what it's like, but know that I am here.

I do have to say that if you are one of the people who Just want to do something about suicide in your community... PLEASE Keep reading.


If you have done anything in any capacity to try prevent suicide.. I greatly commend you and your intention.. and ask you to keep reading on order to make sure that from now on you'll do the BEST job possible to truly help the most people.

You need to know, especially if you are in New Zealand, that in the main, the current 'Mental Health' based model of suicide prevention is... INHERENTLY FLAWED.

It is unworkable. Suicides are not reducing. Any statistics to suggest that they are have been skewed.


The idea that one needs to medicate his thoughts and feelings, especially with Psychiatric medication... is not based in ANY Scientific fact.

A person contemplating suicide IS NOT Mentally Ill, Is not disordered, is not sick.

But your question may be, 'If they are not sick, then what are they?'.

The simple answer.. is they are a person. A beautiful person in need of your love, in need of your care.

They are in need of the basic human touch.


A person who wants to die, may have lost their fear of death.

The solution is not take away everything that can be used to bring about that death.

The solution is to help them see the Greatness of life.


A person who no longer believes in themselves and their contribution, has not been told enough that they are worth it.

It is that simple. YOU Need to tell them. You need to show them that they are.


A person who believes that their problems are too much and need to escape from them....

That person needs YOU... You need to be there for them and show them that yes,, they CAN face what is happening and can go on.


The simple act of smiling at a sad stranger, taking a cuppa to your Nan, making your friend a sandwich, going with your cousin to the mall, going fishing with your brother, taking your sister out to town to sing at kareoke, high-fiving your dad, kissing your mum...

These are all simple but POWERFUL examples of how you can reaffirm life.

These are all ways to prevent suicide.

Know that when you just be there for the ones you love [or even the one's that you dont] you are doing something to strengthen life.


That is the BEST Way to reaffirm life.

Please open another tab or window and visit https://www.facebook.com/Caspercommunity/?fref=ts immediately

You can also email me terata@hotmail.com for more information