Saturday, 2 November 2013

We are a Constitutional Monarchy

I affirm and pledge allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of New Zealand.

Her right to sit and reign as the Head of State, is given her by her ancestors and by God.


On the 6th of February 1840, her ancestor, Queen Victoria became Queen in this Realm.

Through her representative, She made an agreement with Maori.
This agreement, known as Te Tiriti o Waitangi, gave her British subjects, the legal right to reside in this land.


From that time until this, this sacred, foundational, primal relationship has been in it's many manifestations what we call 'New Zealand' today.


I affirm and uphold Her Royal Highness's right to stand and have dominion over this land.


All officers, all members of the defence forces, all Police officers, all members of our Westminster-style Parliament, swear allegiance to OUR Head of State.


I have already blogged about this, but needed people to know my feelings.