Saturday, 29 March 2014

Influence with Integrity

This blog post expresses personal political ideas and beliefs. It is indeed up for discussion and is completely open to debate.

It has been posted, as you'll see on the 30th of March 2014.


Your Maori Party IS In Government. We have been since 2008 and we hope to always Be in Government.

We need to be there. You need us there.
We the Maori Party do our best to listen to you and the aspirations and dreams of you and your whanau. You and your whanau GUIDE Our direction, because we are all on this Waka together.

 Kawanatanga is a WAKA.... It is a Waka that we travel on together.

Styled after the Waka of old, Kawanatanga is where we lead and advance our people.. All Maori and indeed ALL New Zealanders are on Our Waka together.

Understand this critical point. The Kawanatanga is United, but still has different people in it, all with differing views and opinions.

Our ancient waka were like this. Hoturoa, the Captain of Tainui did NOT have his tohunga Rakataura on his Waka with, BUT, Both Rakatuara AND Hoturoa made it to the Same destination... because the intention of Advancing toward Aotearoa was the same.

Nowadays, The waka (of Kawanatanga) doesn't go toward.. but For.. and Forward WITH Aotearoa.

Critical to this whole kaupapa though is the modern concept of Democracy.

The current Kawanatanga has an agenda, has kaupapa and things it wishes to push. Recent examples of this are the Resource Management Act Reforms, State Assets Sales AND the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The current roopu who lead the Kawanatanga wanted to push these 3 kaupapa.

The State Asset sales would takahi the Mana of Wai Maori.
And has done so...
BUT!!! From the Start, despite what that other Roopu (National) have done.. WE STAUNCHLY OPPOSED Them.

The other roopu wanted to takahi Papatuanuku with the Resource Management Act...
But we.. Your Maori Party held them up and did our best to defend Papatuanuku and stop them at every turn.

And,  with the TPPA. Your Maori Party STAUNCHLY Opposes National as they try to drive forward a kaupapa that could diminish our Tino Rangatiratanga.

Therefore, I need you to Know that every time the other Roopu on the Waka, wish to hurt Maori and hurt Aotearoa.. we, YOUR MAORI PARTY are there to halt them... to Oppose them and to stop them.

We are NOT National. National is not us. They are not Maori.
National is National.

We hoe the waka of Kawanatanga to make sure that we can advance the interests of Maori.
And we know that when we advance Maori, we advance Aotearoa.

For more information, go to the Maori Party Website

Saturday, 22 March 2014


This is a personal blog, expressing personal and individual thoughts and opinions.

It is open to challenge. Nevertheless, I hold to my own ideas.

I grew up in Ngapuhi. I have climbed my maunga and I have swam in my awa and the wahapu.
I have spoken on my own marae and have good relationships with the taumata.
I have my pepeha and my whakapapa.

I am one of the tens of thousands of Ngapuhi living in South Auckland. But, my Nan, my uncles and my cousins live under my maunga and in between our urupa and our awa.


I freely admit that I did Not actively participate in the selection of the [former] Tuhoronuku group.
In fact, I remember getting the voting forms and thinking 'Why vote in this??? Ngapuhi will Never settle'.

BUT, On the 14th of February 2014, This personal assertion was smashed to pieces.

I had just days earlier, shaken hands with and greeted Minister Finlayson and walked with him on to Te Tii Marae.

I had No actual idea, that he with his Ministerial colleague, Dr. Sharples who we also walked on to the Marae with, would sign the letter sent to Ngapuhi.

The Crown had recognised the Mandate of Tuhoronuku.

I remember standing in a carpark, reading the email that had informed me of this.


I was taken aback, but also extremely proud, extremely pleased, that at long last, we as an Iwi, had the oppurtunity to begin to move forward.

I have proudly carried that joy for just over a month.

Tonight, after attending a Tuhoronuku Information Hui, I have the substance to back up why I can feel proud.

My heart praises the integrity of the caretaker committee, who were once part of Te Runanga, but are now Independent. But, even THEN, for the sake of their integrity, they are stepping aside to FULLY AND COMPLETELY allow for the Democratic unity of Iwi to decide who will make up the
'Tuhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority'.

OF COURSE, there is opposition. In all things, there is Opposition.

But I Now know, for a fact that that litigious rag-tag bunch [which lessens and lessens each day], has VESTED Interests, and actively spread mistruths and misinformation, coupled with seemingly genuine rhetoric, to advance said vested interests.

I am saddened that a small small group, blinded by greed and pride, wish to derail and stop OUR Ability as an Iwi, to move forward.

It is not my place to reveal their true intentions, but I will say that this opposition only wish to feather their own nests.

BUT, Tuhoronuku, the Kite of Peace, will keep flying on. Will keep soaring higher and higher.

Our kite, carries our aspirations. We are our largest iwi, with many many many hapuu and marae.

We are at a historical crossroads.

But it is with Tuhoronuku, that we fly higher.

Teena Taatou Katoa.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mate Atu He Tete Kura, Ara Mai Ano He tete Kura

Mate Atu He Tete Kura, Ara Mai Ano He tete Kura

This proverb is poignant.

In all places, in all times, in all groups, in all organisations, in all movements and in all teams, This proverb rings true.

The meaning is simple: 'When one falls [or goes] another takes their place'.

I think of the New Zealand Political landscape.

Off the top of my head, I know of 4 Outstanding MPs who will not seek re-election in the upcoming General Election. Two from the same party, one from another party, and one from even another party,

Indeed, those who serve this nation in the House of Representatives have a most difficult task.

Most days, they'll wake before dawn to get early flights to Wellington [or wherever they are needed that day]. If they do get to return home that day, it won't be until well in to the night.

In many cases, these incredible individuals may not always get to enjoy the simple things in life.
Simple things like, making it to a family function, sleeping in their own bed, sitting at their own table to eat.

Things that we take for granted, like having a night at home with family, just blobbing out and watching a DVD, or going to the beach in the weekend, or a park, or just being together with whanau...

These things can be very rare for our MPs in the House of Representatives.

As electors, we might sometimes forget that our MPs are human.
And the offices and stations that they hold, have great power and influence, YES..

But these people are human.

And so, I believe that, it is fitting, that once an MP has had a long, illustrious career, that

They must be given a chance to retire. We must allow them to go back to their families.

Go back to their husbands and wives, sons and daughters, to their whanau in the places that they call home.

They have done their time for us, under exceeding pressures, the likes of which, you and I, [for the most part] would find most difficult.

They need to be proud of their accomplishments, And the many things they have done.

I am thankful for the services of our MPs in, to and for this nation. They are our pillars of Democracy and provide the things we need to get on each day.

As a last note, it is EQUALLY Important that the legacies they leave behind are carried on by new, dynamic and innovate people who can carry out the great tasks ahead.

May we all step up to this great legacy, left to us by our ancestors so that we can continue, despite EVERYTHING to build a great Nation.