Sunday, 3 August 2014


My very last post was about about my abiding respect for the Kingitanga.
I am a descendant of Hoturoa, Marutuahu and Hikairo.
My whakapapa links me to Pare Hauraki.
Our waka is Tainui.

The people of Waikato-Tainui are one people.

We are the guardians of the Kingitanga.

We all look to the sacred maunga of Taupiri and the Waikato River is our life-blood.

Our Koroneihana fast approaches.


The Hauraki-Waikato Electorate is vast.

It goes from south Auckland all the way to Te Awamutu.

This electorate is our heartland and is in the heart of Aotearoa.

It is this electorate which has had my attention and focus this weekend.

These 2 wahine toa must work together.

We can achieve this.

We can have 2 Wahine working for Hauraki Waikato.

In my humble opinion,

We can help Susan Cullen (Wetere) get in as the Candidate, and Nanaia Mahuta can get in on the List.

We can have 2 Wahine serve us all.

We as the Tainui people deserve this.