Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tamariki Whairawa

I affirm the greatness of Tamariki in Aotearoa.

Our Tamariki come from many different families in many different communities.

Aotearoa - New Zealand is a well develoed, first world nation.

We have a world class Education system, strong social security and our health system is mainly in public hands.

This means that historically we have had a Government [no matter the major party] which has always had a strong focus on our Tamariki.

I Know what Chilld poverty is.. having visited developing and third world nations. I've seen child neglect, child labour and a lack of strong parenting. I know how this affects tamariki and how it perpetuates poverty down the generations. I am not being biased or discriminatory, that what I saw with my eyes.

And it is NOT necessarily limited to overseas... Child abuse in some whanau in Aotearoa... plays a significant role in bringing those whanau down. That is definitely so.

BUT!!!! I want us to adapt our language AND our thinking!!!

We KNOW Poverty is there.. and so are whanau hardships.

The thing is though.. that what we believe.. WE GET!!

Our schools are open.. Doctors and nurses still work for us.. Social services are available... We can get jobs.. Our Marae are still open... Centres focussed on Youth are still there...

ALL The tools are available inside AND outside our own home... Tools to lift us all up.

Abuses are rife and systemic... But we do our OWN Tamariki a huge disservice if we don't reach for the tools for them.

If we as Adults don't take a stand for our kids.. WHO WILL???

We will!!! WE MUST!!!

Our Tamariki are RICH.

Rich in spirit... My mum always told me that...

I hope you always tell your kids that.

And do all you can to create wealth for you and your tamariki.

Kia Ora

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

To the Minister of Finance in 2014

Nei ka mihi ki te Minita

Sir, I have listened to my MP, Dr. Pita Sharples, speak of you in glowing terms.

You truly care not just for moving the country as whole FOWARD, But, I can see that your Government deeply cares for families.

Because of you, more people have warmer homes, more kids can get a better Education at ALL Levels, more families can be safe and secure and most of ALL New Zealanders can direct their own future.

For me, I want to praise the fact that you have successfully steered us out of the worst financial crisis in a generation.

The recession dealt heavy blows to Maori. We lost jobs, we lost livelihoods and our families were hurt the most by that catastrophe.

Now, we have a 30 BILLION Dollar Economy, More Maori are employed every day, Our radio stations and our TV Station streams our language, our sporting traditions are being upheld, our sacred knowledge is being protected, our tamariki will have BETTER health, our kids can be more ready every morning for kura, We can build MAORI Innovation and our beautiful story can be told again.

I express my heartfelt thanks, both to You, and your fellow Ministers.

MOST Of all, I greet, applaud and THANK Our Honourable Prime Minister.

E te Matua,

Nga manaakitanga ki runga i a koe, ki runga i to whanau, otira, kia taatou katoa.

Kia ora ra

TeRata Rangi Hikairo

Sunday, 4 May 2014

You deserve it

Maori people are at a huge crossroads.

Two of their greatest leaders, This side of the millennium are stepping down from Political life.

The 2 founding co-leaders of the Maori Party are making way for new leadership and are giving younger people a chance to step up.

Their achievements are numerous.

But this blog is LESS about their incredible achievements.. but MORE about their undeniably genuine... heartfelt.. PERSONAL Principles.

Those principles are Whakawhanaungatanga, Manaakitanga and Rangatiratanga.

Their principles are OUR principles as Maori.

Their principles are instilled in those they work with AND are in the one's who will FOLLOW them.

They lead all Maori to Parliament in 2005.. and we got them in to Government in 2008.'

We deserve to have an independent INDIGENOUS Voice in Government.

We are the ONLY One's in all the world that have that.

It's is as valuable as the lives of our tamariki mokopuna. In fact.. their future is secured.. so long as that voice is there.

Kia Ora ano taatou.