Monday, 29 July 2013

Young Parents

Today's post looks at a topic that I am terming 'Young Parents'.

There is another term to describe Parents under the ages of 20, 18 or 16.

I won't use that term here today.


I only raise this issue because I had watched some youtube videos and then saw a Facebook post about this Very topic.


My views about this have adapted as I have grown up.


I'll admit, that at the writing of this post I am not yet a parent, and possibilities don't yet exist for me to become a parent.

But I want to express my view. So here goes.


Some people may say that young people, under 20, or 18 or even 16, who become Parents are irresponsible.

I do not take this view. I have seen in different families and communities, where young people have become parents.

I do not say that it is 'irresponsible' to do so.

I can't take this view.

The reason why I can't take that view is because I honestly view EVERY single child on Earth, as a gift.

I can not comment on all the positive and negative circumstances surrounding the arrival of these gifts in to our world.

They are many and varied.

I will say this.

There is a 'lack of responsibility'. But is doesn't rest solely with the 2 young parents.


My question is... For the parents of those young parents.. and indeed the wider whanau AND community...

What relationships.. What communication... What aroha was fostered and created in That whanau?


Because for me... Young parents may only become young parents [and I'm specifically addressing the issue of it happening withOut the knowledge of their own parents]

If... Communication... Cohesion.. Cooperation.. Aroha and a strong dynamic relationship WAS NOT extant.


Yes.. I'm saying.. If people become young parents 'secretly' and without the knowledge of their wider whanau...

I'd say it is ONLY because that wider whanau was NOT strong... was not fully and properly communicating.. and not providing a safe environment for those Young People.

The opposite is ALSO True... Young parents who become young parents .. with their wider whanau knowing

Are likely to have open, frank and full communication with that wider whanau.

Strong bonds and relationships are probably extant in that whanau also.


So there it is...

My own views.. my own opinion about 'Young Parenthood'.


I neither actively discourage nor encourage people to become parents Under the age of 20, 18 or even 16.

I only say.. that if this happens it is important for the wider families [ON BOTH SIDES] to be fully supportive... in knowledge... in nurturing... in care AND in understanding.


This is the only way that we can foster stronger families, through full and open communication, through cooperation, through cohesion


Friday, 26 July 2013

Standing up against Tyranny

Today's post comes of the heels off the last blog post about Tino Rangatiratanga which received positive feedback.

These are completely, my OWN opinions!!!


Today there will be Nationwide protest's against NEW GCSB Legislation.

I HAVE NOT read the legislation, I have Not read all stories for and against, I have not sene or read all official statements for and against this legislation.


That being said... As an a normal New Zealander... I am still allowed to have an opinion.

It is my democratic RIGHT to express my thoughts, feelings and ideas.


I am NOT sure of the legality of saying what I am about to say.

I have been interrogated by the Police, I have been interrogated by the Criminal Investigation Bureau, I have been interrogated by the NZ Security Intelligence Service.

This is NOT public knowledge and may seem like a over exaggeration to some.

Nevertheless, it is all true.

I know what that is like.

I don't like the reasoning behind it, I don't like it being done, or the way it is done.


Therefore I will say...

I can NOT give any support to any proposal to strengthen the power of the GCSB.

It is not in my interests to support this.

It is not in the interests of my whanau, my hapuu, my Iwi, my people, my friends, my neighbours, my city, my region, my colleagues past and present, it is not in the interests of ANYBODY that I know.

It does NOT tautoko any of us.

It is not a way of helping any of us.

I do not believe in strengthening the power of the Government to spy on it's citizens.


We talk about 'Kim Dotcom'.

I don't want to.. that's for Him.

For me, when the Government, spied on and terrorized OUR people in Tuhoe.. that.. even before this legislation...

was enough of a traumatic experience for women and children in Tuhoe... to show us, that spying on and terrorising citizens is NOT okay.


It violates our basic human rights to privacy, to the mana AND the tapu of our whanau, our kainga.

My kainga, my whanau, they are tapu to me.
My family is sacred to me.


I DO NOT stand for anything, or anyone that wishes to diminish or trample upon that TAPU.

I don't support anything that could stop my power to korero, to pass my matauranga, to my people and to my future Uri.


This legislation IS NOT conducive to the safety of your whanau or my whanau.



If it makes it to the Select Committee.. make submissions AGAINST This Bill.


THIS MUST Be stopped.


Seriously, the state-propaganda machine, with it huge Police stations, it's Army bases, it's hidden Intelligence headquarters, and it's multiple 'Intelligence Agencies' with ALREADY wide powers...

is already powerful in that it can take anyone out if it so wishes.

The GCSB don't need ANYMORE Power.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tino Rangatiratanga

Today's entry is mainly aspirational and talks about my hopes and dreams for not only my people but all Indigenous people throughout the world.


Tino : Very - Much - Many - A lot

Ranga : Weaving , Binding, Bringing together

Tira: Groups, Groups of Men, Groups of People

Tanga : Tion - Ism - Ness


My translation : Exercising the right, capability and power to bring people together, to lead.
Actively pursuing and creating this right, this capability

This is my own Translation for 'Tino Rangatiratanga'. I make no reference to other translations of this term, though other people may like this translation, and can use it.


I believe the earliest written use of this term... Was either in the Declaration of Independence or Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


It is what is intrinsically part of every Human Being.

He has his right to determine his way in how he will achieve his 'Tino Rangatiratanga'.

Indigenous Peoples exercised their rights and capabilities over their gifts, lands, culture and language for millennia.

Indigenous people have the same rights to do this TODAY.

We must Not continue to give credence to forces, groups, ideas and ideologies which are contrary to our own 'Tino Rangatiratanga'.


Before the United Nations guaranteed our rights... WE HAD THEM.

It is up to each of us to fully exercise them

Those who do not exercise their rights.. passively contribute to the detriment of those same rights.


We must all stand up for our, political, educational, linguistic, cultural, economic and National interests, capabilities, for our potential...


We must work to Govern those institutions that we always Governed.

It is our right.

Our ancestors plead... Our descendants Need....

Monday, 22 July 2013

Birth of a New Prince and what this means to me

I share my joy with the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of His Royal Highness.

The millions of people in the 54 Commonwealth Nations also rejoice at the birth of a new Prince.


Arguably we share with those nations one of the most recognisable monarchies in the world.

The British Monarchy are well respected for who they are.

This is Not an understatement.


Even the hardest republican can't argue that in New Zealand and many other nations.... we have a stable form of Government.

The Crown is the foundation of that Government.

Now I don't forget the history and the things that have happened in the name of the Crown here in Aotearoa.

I just want to say that just because something is done in the name of a Monarch.. does Not mean the Monarch likes it...

I'm of the view that our Head of State genuinely cares for her people's.

For me I am a proud 'Royalist/Monarchist'.

It annoys me that I need a label to say 'I'm loyal to our form of Government and it's Institutions'.

But I'll say that I believe in having a separate Head of State and Head of Government.


Our Head of State needs to be accountable not only to us but to the other nations over which she has Dominion.

Our Head of State is above the day-to-day partisan Politics... and remains steady and sure for us in such uncertain times.

She is supported by her local representative.

They direct the actions of the Head of Government making sure that peace and democracy are always upheld.

I am proud that in it's short history this System has never failed.


The new born baby has come in to ancient tradition and a great legacy left by his ancestors.

This new born baby cooing in his cot may not yet realise for many years, how much he means to so many people.

God bless him. God bless his family.

God bless New Zealand.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Chasing Symbols

I've come to understand that blogs are for bloggers to post up.. to write about their opinions and understandings of events/situations/people.... basically things that are currently topical or which have significance to people.

Today's blog entry will briefly look at my views of the emergence of a fascination in pop culture.

Everyone, from, other bloggers, youtubers, social networkers ... all want to give an opinion on
'The Illuminati'.

What is the Illumunati?

On I found 45 definitions. Google gave 31,200,000 results  in 0.21 seconds.


Not conclusive.. but it certainly shows that this is a topic that lots of people ... have some idea about...
or so they think


I also seek to add my ideas... These are my opinions.. They are my own thoughts.


It is believed that the 'Illuminati'.... are an elite, secret, society of people controlling our lives.

This society has Satanic links... practices the Occult... controls the media.. Government....
cause wars... sickness... economic meltdowns.. depression.... has Famous members... kills certain

The ideas go one to say that there are hidden symbols on money, in logos... on the internet...
on buildings.. etc etc.


Of course.. this is all in the realm of conspiracy.. and some of the claims are really Fantasy.


I say that because... If you go looking for those symbols.. if you try to research the sources
and the claims made on blogs... websites and youtube videos...

You'll find ONE THING..... More symbols... more stories.. more 'leads'.. more 'proof'... leading to

more symbols.. more stories.. more leads.. more proof.... and it just goes on and on and on and on.

BTW... Proof is in quotation marks.. because its only supposed proof


If you have done this.. do do this... or reading my blog entry has inspired you to go looking..
I won't stop you or invalidate your efforts. Search if you must.

But keep reading this blog entry first.


Now.... Seeing the little I've seen [nationally and internationally].. hearing what I have heard...
doing what I have done...

I have No doubt that certain interests... have a strong influence of different levels
of government... on media messages and reporting... and on some events.

OF Course... I don't deny that. Only a less-informed... slightly ignorant person would deny That.

I am not blind, deaf or ignorant.


BUT.... I caution you... blog-reader...

I would not go so far as to say 'Some secret.. satanic.. magickal group controls everything and wants
to influence your mind..'


This for Me.. is Not realistic..


It is more realistic... that extant, open.. clear organisations are really at work doing things.

It is not up to me to publically name them, or expose who they are.

Though I am happy to discuss my private opinion about this

If I am emailed or 


I have not really expanded or expounded this.
I acknowledge that.

But I did have to put this to rest.

I did have to publicise My thoughts.

Comment.... Facebook.. Gmail.. Hotmail.. Let me know what you think

Friday, 12 July 2013


After nearly 15 years of searching, praying, pondering, meditating ...

I am ready. I feel guided and am ready for the next step in the Chapter.

I am longing to know where I shall next go.

Where will I next be guided to .. to receive the lessons and learning in store for me..

I am ready deity, I am ready Guider..

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

May Heaven reward your kindness

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."


Text from my Mum today:

I love u heaps. I care about u a lot. I love the way you do things. I am always
hea 4 u. Just lyk I carried u on my shouldas wn u wer young, I stil do that
spiritually & mentally 2day & 4eva. Io fills me with the strength & powa 2 do this.
Always rememba io son, especially nw, arohanui my son


This text and the song above are how I began my afternoon. They also begin this blog.

The last few days have been a bit difficult for me, to say the least.

Today, or rather this afternoon, is somewhat different.

I had a late brunch and a late shower and took a walk around my neighbourhood.
The clouds were grey but my heart was light, as 'Don't you worry child' played on my android's radio.

And then on my walk back home, the rain fell.

I was okay, because I was determined to Just get home.

And then, halfway, an Unrecognisable vehicle, belonging to a total stranger, pulled up.

In my home of the Hokianga, I would Not be startled by this.
But in suburban central Auckland, even with the kind 'Wanna lift?' I wasn't sure what to do.

Soaked through my shirt, I took that 2 minute lift, Thankful for the kindness of a stranger.


I am sure now, that after a difficult few weeks, 'Heaven has a plan for me'.
E nga mana, e nga reo, Tena tatou katoa

Facebook allows for status and even notes, Twitter allows Tweets, and Google+ allows post. My gmail account gives me the opportunity to BLOG.

I can ramble about life, about the world, about events, about people. About ANYTHING.

It's sort of like a journal ... open to anyone with the link.

Here we go.

Welcome to this my blog.

You just read my first ever post.