Monday, 21 September 2015

Hajj Thoughts

This Islamic Month, Right now, people are undertaking the Islamic Pilgrimage. This is a Pillar of the Islamic Faith and a core belief for over 1 billion Muslims around the world. It is a commemoration of the work of the Prophet-Patriarch Abraham. It is also apart of the work of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them both)
Making reference to this Facebook Post

In the comments section, I'm asked if I want to do Hajj. I answered; I have a student loan to pay off... A house to buy for Mum and Dad.... And alot more to do for my tribe, for Auckland, for Maori.... Plus the huge exercise of finding anyone I've previously wronged and settling any disputes... Its a few years off.

I realize though, and this is a generalised (unsubstantiated) comment.
Not every Muslim today that has made Hajj, or plans to make Hajj, has the same ideal.

See, in practical terms, people pay their flights, visa, immunisations, accomodation and then just Go.

I feel that many forget about all the mental, social, emotional and psychological preparations.

In essence, Hajj is cheapened. In fact, I know that Hajj is cheapened, because the Saudi Government pays for those costs for a select few people and lets them go to Hajj. But I am not sure if that same payment covers; previous debts, a home for parents, charity for neighbours, feeding the poor of the community etc etc. In fact, I am SURE that it doesn't.
That aside, I am not sure if many Muslims today do those things and pay for them today either.

Now on the specific point of 'charity for neighbours and feeding the poor'. YES!!! THIS is a Muslim obligation. Our Faith REQUIRES this of us!!! It is a Religious Duty.
I can't give Scriptural references right now, but I KNOW that this is So.

I know that in many Muslim countries, there are poor neighbours and people in Poverty. I also know that people are still going on Hajj.

Therefore, someone is NOT properly fulfilling their Religious Duty.

As a start, I am putting it out there.

I DON'T want to make a Saudi Hajj, so long as this is all happening. So long as there a refugees that Gulf states don't care for. So long as there a African, Indian and Asian Muslims in Poverty.... even though Individual Muslims, Muslim Business, Muslim Governments all have the means to do something substantial about this


That is a statement of great religious gravity. But its tugging on my heart and needs to be said.

Thank you for reading my rant. It is just a rant. But it is still my thoughts.

May God bless you.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Welcome Oh People of Syria

Here is my response to this Te Karere Story

You'll see my comments on the Facebook story and the Youtube link.

I also have this to say;

أهلا أهلا، يا أهل سوريا
Tenei ahau ka tuku oku mihi aroha ki nga whanau no te whenua o Syria.
Hari koa te ngakau ki te rongo nga kupu o te Pirimia, me ona pohiri mai ki nga Iwi Manene o reira. Ko te rohe katoa o Arapia, he rohe kikii I te whawhai. He taniwha e ngau kino ana ki nga tamariki, nga kuia, nga kaumatua, nga whaea me nga maatua o taua whenua.

No reira, ahakoa te roa o e tatari mo enei kupu pohiri, kei te hari tonu au.

No reira,

Koutou o Syria;

Marhaba, Marhaba. Ahlan. Hayyak. Tafadhal

Nau piki mai, nau kake mai

Na TeRata Hikairo

-       Maori Muslim