Thursday, 14 January 2016

Maori Muslim Prays for Jakarta

With the dust barely settled in the city of Istanbul Turkey, Muslims again mourn for and pray for those reportedly killed by a bomb blast in the capital of the most populous Muslim in the world, Indonesia.
In the last few hours, it is understood that Bombs rocked the city, reportedly killing 6 people.
This is a great tragedy, playing out across the Muslim world, not just in Indonesia today, but every day in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
It is now, MORE clear than ever, that Terrorists have laid waste to places in Muslim and Western countries.
Terrorists are Terrorists and have NO Religion.
It is devastating that more people are being killed by Terrorists.

I invoke and pray to the Merciful and Loving Allah, for the souls of those lost and for their families.

#PrayForJakarta #BerdoaUntukJakarta

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Maori Muslim Prays for Victims of Istanbul Bombing

The Turkish Community and wider international Muslim Community invokes God’s mercy and blessing upon the victims and families affected by the reported bombing in a market place in central Istanbul, the Turkish capital.

I am appalled by what has happened and am saddened that terrorism has again rocked the world.
Terrorist acts sadly take place, far too frequently and hurt far too many people.

The sadness caused by such bloodshed makes us weary. Only faith in the Love and Mercy of God can get us through such sad times.

Maa te Atua Kaharawa, e manaaki, e tiaki ratou kei Turkey, otira nga whanau Turkish kei Aotearoa nei hoki.

#PrayForIstanbul #PrayForTurkey