Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Oranga Tamariki

My Submission to the Social Services Committee on the
Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill

E nga mana, kouotu o te Komiti Tena Koutou.

You gather, not just to discuss a bill and hear views on a bill.

NO, You, each and every committee member gathered, holds the future of children in our nation in your hands, in a very literal way.

I was a child in care when I was 11. I am now a grown man and throughout my life, have know many of my whanau in a similar situation.

The time when we are away from our Mums and Dads is undoubtedly the MOST traumatising time of our lives. We are apart from those who gave us life.
Now, we are away from them to be safe, and it is only that safety, that gets us through the weeks and months (or for some YEARS) that we are away from our very own Parents.


In our case, for the majority of our time in state-care under CYFS way back in 1999-2000 we lived with Mum's Brother. We were with WHANAU.

Let me tell you, we are so so grateful for that, because it showed us all those years ago that we do indeed have a wider loving whanau and our whanau really actually, care in a tangible and real way.

I urge the committee to ENSURE that our children in state-care are at the very first oppurtunity, placed with their whanau. This needs to be mandated and explicitly stated in law.

It is NOT Optional. It is NOT a Maybe.

Children NEED TO be placed in their safety of their whanau.

Tamariki Maori in particular, SHOULD be placed with their whanau or even their hapu.

This is the right thing to do. This is the RIGHT THING to write in to this law.

You are all connected to tamariki, whether you are Parents yourselves, or Grandparents or Aunties or Uncles. What wou;d you want for your own tamariki.

As for me, I want tamariki in Aotearoa to be loved in and by the safety of their own whanau.

Thursday, 5 January 2017


We only have until the 31st of January to SAVE POINT ENGLAND RESERVE

Below is a Press Statement I just sent out and an email to the community.



Community Advocates are calling for support to oppose a Housing Development at a Local Reserve in East Auckland.
petition has been created to SAVE POINT ENGLAND RESERVE

The petition was created by Tsz Ho a local pharmacist affected by the potential development.

Ho and other Advocates worry that the development could lead to 

* POLLUTION of the Local Beach, Bush and Omaru River
* Loss of a Community and Event's space

The reserve is home to local bush, wildlife and sea life.
The reserve also hosts important community events like Concerts, Runs and sporting Events like the Weet Bix Tryathlon.

Advocates worry that all of this will be negatively affected and that current residents may also be negatively affected

Advocates are calling on the media to alert the community and also want people to make submissions to Parliament so as to STOP THE DEVELOPMENTS AND POLLUTION.

Advocate TeRata Hikairo says 'We must have this place available for future generations and we must preserve our environment. If you want to help stop this, email me terata@hotmail.com" 



Tena Koutou Katoa
Nga Mana Whenua Ngati Whatua ki Orakei, Local Teachers, Ruapotaka Marae, Community Advocates and Local Board Members

Please read this email and then forward this email to your networks in Glen Innes.

I am calling for community support to 

Before Parliament RIGHT NOW, There is a Bill that would see land being rezoned for Housing Developments on the Point England Reserve.

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 31st January 2017

I am calling for this OPPOSITION BECAUSE

1. Point England is a Reserve, with local bush, the Omaru River and Sea life close by. It is a reserve and should be treated as such. There is no actual reassurances that a housing development would NOT negatively affect, even pollute the local environment and affect local bush life and sea life. We FACE LOSING AND POLUTTING OUR OMARU RIVER AND WAITEMATA HARBOUR, IF THIS DEVELOPMENT WENT AHEAD.

2. Point England Reserve is a critically important Event's space where we gather, we celebrate and we hold events. This Reserve is important to our community as are the walk ways and access ways to the reserve. These Events build a stronger sense of community. The whole space as it is currently is important to our community.

3. Our tamariki love the playground, love to run around, love this place. We must preserve the whole space for them. A Housing development may not be good for the tamariki who use this reserve. Our tamariki can learn more about their environment. A housing development would negatively affect these learning oppurtunities.

I myself have already made a submission to Parliament 

I urge you to do the same WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL THE 31ST OF JANUARY, DO THIS QUICKLY!!!!!

TeRata Rangi Hikairo

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Did Scientology just dissuade against Trump

I'm genuinely interested in the words of the leader of the Church of Scientology.

Now, before I go on, yes Churches are not political, and Scientology is NO exception.
Churches generally don't make public statements endorsing any particular political party or political candidate. And of course, what I read, if taken for it's face value, reflects that. Scientology would be speaking ambiguously to it's international membership, urging them to push forward in the aims of that religion. That's what their particular statement looks like.

“Thus, we of the Church believe in human rights. We believe in racial equality. We believe in liberty, eternity and the dignity of Man.

But.... anyone who knows anything about recent American politics and the election of President-elect Donald Trump, would see these words as somewhat of a loaded statement.

It might me considered a warning against Trump.

Now I may be drawing a pretty long bow, BUT, Do you remember what Donald Trump said about Mexicans?

Or what Trump said about Muslims (Muslims are a religion, not a race, but you can see the bigotry in Trump's statement)

So with this in mind, am I really drawing a long bow???

Or did the leader of the Church of Scientology, in his own Scientology-Language (although also clearly in ENGLISH) just warn against Donald Trump.

I am generally interested in this, given that many of my Facebook friends are Scientologists who have supported Trump or even voted for him.

Just a note to them, this is all publically available on the internet. The quote that I screenshotted is on front page of the Church's website right now, and everything else was found with a quick Google search. This is not attacking per se, this is me asking questions only and in my human-right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech which the Church supports.

All interesting don't you think???

I personally am happy if what I think is true, because I too of course stand for Human Rights and Racial Equality, Liberty and Dignity.

The statements above from the Church oughta be congratulated because whatever one thinks about Donald Trump, what he has said as evidenced above is CLEAR Bigotry and what he has said, oughta be condemned. Congratulations David Miscavige and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Friday, 23 December 2016

Muslim perspective of Christmas

Before I start, this is my personal Muslim view of Christmas.
It is not a report on what Islam does or does not teach about Christmas.
It is not an official statement for ALL Muslims.
It is my personal view.

There are a wide range of views of Christmas for Muslims.

Ranging from the 'It is forbidden to celebrate' to 'It's OK, no worries'.

Both have legitimacy.

Fatwa's against Christmas usually stem from the view that Christmas celebrations usually just spiral in to drinking alcohol and being silly, behaiviour that Islam condemns.

The view too, that there is nothing wrong with wearing Santa hats and taking the day off, is also pretty true in so much as neither of these things ACTUALLY should do anything to the faith of a Muslim.

My personal view is shaped by the fact that all of my family celebrate Christmas in some way, with the gift giving, the food, the whole things. And as a gesture of love and goodwill I join in. I am not worried and joining in has no bearing on my Islaam.

I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus as espoused in the Quran. Neither the Quran nor the Bible actually say  was on December 25th, but for the sake of unity and blog-length, that doesn't matter here.

My religion just doesn't teach about or say anything about Christmas or it's celebration, or Santa, or anything.

Christmas for Muslims, from a religious stand point is not really a thing.
Muslims don't celebrate the birthday of Jesus and many don't even observe the birthday of Muhammad (peace be upon them).

A Muslim home will probably not make a big deal out of Christmas as it just isn't a Muslim celebration.

Muslims won't really disrespect Christmas either, and in some Muslim countries, there are even displays

So that's really all there is to say.

Muslim's don't make a big deal personally out of Christmas, but respect the rights of others to celebrate Christmas if they wish.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Mt. Roskill By Election 2016

Mt. Roskill has existed since MMP.

And has always been held by the same Electorate MP.

(Former) Labour MP Phil Goff has always held the seat.
Labour has also usually done well in the Party vote in Mt Roskill, but this has not always been so.

We know that in the 2014 Election, National won the Party vote in Mt. Roskill and their candidate coming nowhere near the Incumbent, still got over 10,000 votes.

Another thing that is interesting about this Electorate is the party vote in the 2008 Election where BOTH Labour and National equally got 42%.
This tells us that there definitely is reasonable support for National, even if Mt. Roskill always faithfully backed their Labour MP, Phil Goff.

But with Goff stepping down to become Auckland Mayor, it may NOT be a Labour win in the Seat.
Nationals Parmjeet Parmar is the Mt. Roskill By Election and was National's candidate in the 2014 General Election.

Remember she got over 10,000 votes and her Party in 2014 won the Party vote.
National's Party vote victory may've been thin, but the previous 2008 Election tells us that there is still SOLID support for National in Mt Roskill.

NOW, I'm not saying it is impossible for Labour's new candidate Micheal Wood, but if the 2014 Election result in Epsom where he stood is anything to go by,  then Wood is not even much liked even by Labour voters. (He got 3000 votes and Labour got 5000 votes).

So from all this we see, it is NOT a plain sailing easy victory for Wood and he has a VERY Strong challenge in Parmar.

I have not always been accurate in By-Election predictions, but I will say this one can quite possibly go either way.

We shall wait and see.

Saturday, 4 June 2016


Inna lillahi wa inna rajiun

God giveth and, God taketh away

In God's name, He who is Compassionate and Merciful.

We the Muslim Ummah mourn the loss of our brother Muhammad Ali, who was first known as Cassius Clay.

I am sad to hear of this loss.

But heartened to know that our brother, died so close to the month of Ramadan, which signifies God's love for him.

We pray for his rest and we pray to be resurrected with him and all other righteous people on the Day of Judgement.

Rest in Peace and love Brother Muhammad.

Peace be unto you and your family.

Moe mai ra e te Matua.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Train Crash A Warning – Me Taiho taatou


Na enei tukinga tereina e rua i enei ra (Ki Nga-Hau-Mangere me Ukutoia hoki)
Kaore i kore… he tohu NUI tenei i roto i te Aronga maori, te Whakaaro Maori.

ARA, Hei taa te Koromatua o Tamaki Makaurau (I runga i a Irirangi Waatea i te ata nei) ka huri te one mo te City Rail Link i te Rapare 2 o Pipiri.

Heoi… kua wareware katoa te Koromatua ME te Kaunihera o Tamaki Makaurau ki te kaitiaki o waenganui te taone. Kua wareware katoa ia ki te taniwha o reira, ko tona ingoa ko Horotiu.

Kei a Horotiu tetahi Puna, ko ‘Wai Horotiu’ e rere ngatahi ana ki raro i a Queen Street.

Ko taku whakapae, na Horotiu enei momo ahuatanga e mahi, hei whakatupato, hei whakamataku i te Kaunihera, kia taiho ake ratou i a ratou whakatuu, a ratou hanga i te City Rail Link.

Mei kore ratou te Kaunihera o Tamaki Makaurau e whakarongo, ko wai ka mohio, ka aha ano to matou taniwha a Horotiu.

He whakaaro, he whakaaroaro ma taatou katoa.

These 2 train crashes (in Middlemore and Glen Innes) have great significance in the Maori view.

The Mayor of Auckland said on Radio Waatea this morning, that the turning of the sod of City Rail link, is on Thursday June 2nd.

Most unfortunately, the Mayor AND Auckland Council have totally forgotten the spiritual guardian of Auckland city central. They forgot the taniwha, whose name is Horotiu.

Horotiu’s waterway runs parallel to Queen Street.

I personally believe, that these tragedies may be attributed to Horotiu as a fearful warning to the Council, to halt the building of City Rail Link.

If Auckland Council do not listen, who knows what Horotiu may do next.

We must pause to think, and reflect.