Sunday, 13 April 2014

Official Languages

These are all my OWN Thoughts and opinions.

On the status of official Languages in New Zealand...
The purpose of granting legal recognition to a language is so that a sovereign Government can make a call on which languages can be used in official settings, documents, laws, departments, ministries, speeches etc etc. It also is a strong stance of that Government which gives, in New Zealand's case grants LEGAL Recognition to it's Native language.
LEGAL Recognition does not affect usage. Even if a Language is not legally recognised by a country... that Language, it's prestige, it's history, its' associated culture... is NOT Diminished.
No Language on Earth, needs a Bill or Act to make it great.

The Maori Language in New Zealand, NEEDED Government support to help it stay alive.
And there was the idea that the Government of the past needed to play a role in this.

The same is true today.


All 3 of our current national languages have played a significant role in our society, and are in high regard at many levels of society, but MORE work needs to be done.

THIS Is a HUGE Undertaking, and needs to be the priority of successive NZ Governments.
It would be too much to try to officially help and legislate the status of foreign Languages in New Zealand.

NO Foreign Languages, nor their speakers actually need 'legal or Government help' in the speaking and living of Their languages.

They are spoken widely, used freely and play a major role in the communities that speak them.

Moreover it rests with FOREIGN Governments to revitalise and sustain their own languages in their own countries. Indeed the communities in those countries share that responsibility with their own foreign Governments.

As a stellar example, the Samoan Government has set up a Samoan Language Commission in Samoa. This protects Gagana Samoa.

The Cook Island's Government has also officially recognised their own native language and ought to be congratulated for this.

I am not seeking to stomp out other languages or say anything to that effect.

What I'm saying is that the NZ Government will focus on NZ Languages, and foreign Governments can focus on foreign languages.

I do not wish to stop anyone in New Zealand from using, reading, writing or speaking their own special language. In fact I strongly encourage that, and everyone should do so.

I am saying that the NZ Government need Not focus on foreign languages as this tramples on the mana of Foreign Governments to do so.

The priority of the NZ Government should be NZ Languages.