Monday, 26 January 2015

Reverse Colonization?????

I am only expressing my own views.

This is still in line with all other views in previous blogs on Tino Rangatiratanga and Politics.

I guess I am more providing some clarity.

My heart still aches and weeps regularly for the murderous wars of colonization, slavery, rapes, abuses, stealing of land and the destroying of whole civilizations. This greatly angers me.

Equally, I am saddened at the ongoing modern effects of Colonization, like suicide, broken families, domestic violence, poverty of mind and circumstance, ill health, huge incarcerations and so on and so on.

I still have all of that in mind as I write this controversial post.

And yes.. It will definitely upset some exponents of Tino Rangatiratanga... and some who have certain socio-cultural and political views.

For me

WE CAN NOT Reverse Colonization. There is no way that we can 'Have Pakeha pack up and Leave'
'Tell the Government to Go', or to 'Send them all back to England'.

There is no way I can drain all my Pakeha blood and put it in bottles for other Pakeha to take back to Britain.

That can't happen.

There is no way that we can just 'Go back to the Pa and live like we did, before Pakeha came'.

There is no way that we can ignore what Aotearoa - New Zealand is today, and 'send the Pakeha home'.

I can not and will NEVER encourage some civil war like in Africa to 'Get the Pakehas off our land".

I'd never tell anyone to crazily burn down the Parliament or ANYTHING like that.

None of that can or will happen.

I feel the anger and frustration of Maori.

I understand the rationale of some who want to set up Sovereignty Groups, or people who protest the Government, or those who do not 'want a part of the system' any more.

I get it. I do.

What I offer though.. and here is the clincher... Here is the crux of this blog entry...


We are motivated by the same anger and frustration that I write of above.... but

WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO??? Who does it actually help???

Are you aiding, benefiting or helping Te Ao Maori, Te Iwi Maori???

Are you lifting out of the poverty you hate?

Are you freeing families from the violence that plagues them?

Are you empowering Whanau? Are you helping people to get better?

Take some time to reflect.

We protest at Waitangi every year. We organise Hikoi.

Some make 'Sovereignty' Courts, Governments and Incorporations?

BUT.. What does it all ACTUALLY do for Maori on the streets and in their homes... and not just in your area but across Aotearoa - New Zealand.

I do not seek to condemn ANY honest effort to help our people.

But I do seek to cause reflection and retrospection. To cause us to think about how we can tangibly move our people forward.

I know protest. But I also know Action and work. I know how important it is to be active in the community and in my home.

I guess that is my call.

My call to all who read this blog.

We do more for Ngai Maori (and indeed all Indigenous people) when we just be good Mums, Dads and brothers... When we have kids....

When we take them to school... When we drive our grandparents around...

When we are good employees in our jobs

When we kiss our kids and hug them

When we reject that last beer or stub out that cigarette for good..

When we smile at the stranger, no matter which country they were born in

When we achieve that Certificate or that Masters 

When we open an eco-friendly business

When we sweep the whare kai, or serve kai there

When we stack or lay mattresses in the whare moe.

Believe me

I know how terrible Colonization is.. I truly do... I mean many of those terrible things I wrote of above... I've either witnessed or experienced.. I DO Know.

But I am equally saying, with the same power

We dismantle the effects of colonization when we do the simple things which build our homes and strengthen our whanau. 

Colonization can't be reversed... But we can dismantle it.

Nga mihi nunui.

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Priez pour Paris, Pray for Paris

Je suis Maori, je suis musulman.
Je crois en l'amour, la paix et la compassion.
Je envoie mon amour pour le peuple de Paris en ce moment. Mes prières montent Allah Tout-Puissant pour eux, leurs moyens de subsistance et de leurs familles.
Amour surmonte tout.
Ce est mon message à cette époque.

I am Maori, I am Muslim.
I believe in Love, Peace and Compassion.
I send my love for the people of Paris at this time. My prayers ascend Almighty Allah for their sakes, their livelihoods and their families.
Love overcomes all.
This is my message at this time.

Ka whakapono matou o Ngai Iharaima ki nga matapono o te Aroha, te Rangimarie me te Ngakau nui.
I tenei wa Pouri, ka tukuna matou o matou aroha ki nga whanau kei Paris.
Kua taki, kua tukuna nga karakia ki a Allah mo ratou, mo a ratou oranga, mo a ratou whanau hoki.
He kaha ake te Aroha, I nga mea katoa.
Koinei ou matou karere I tenei wa.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Late afternoon at the movies, January 2015

I have never ever done a movie review before. This'll be more opinion based and a story of yesterday. I'll try not to put spoilers.

The first movie we watched The Imitation Game was unexpectedly beautiful. I'd sat in the lobby, and watched the first seconds of the trailer and thought 'I think I'll enjoy that'.

I certainly did.

Of course the characters are well played, the costume and settings authentic and the simple cinematography was well placed.

But what I most enjoyed, were the several layers of context and meaning. There was not 1 story but 4 woven together.

Lovers of mystery, war, quirk and Britain certainly will enjoy the movie.

I must apologise to all the other movie goers last night, because I was quite loud in my exclamations of enjoyment.

And I cried with a broken heart, right at the end.


As for the second movie I was thoroughly underwhelmed.

More to the point I was annoyed.

But that's probably because I feel they sucessfully blasphemed one of the most influential stories of the last 3500 years.

As a scripture enthusiast, I was disgusted both at the portrayal of God and his messenger Moses.

Yes the cinematography was OK, and can be somewhat commended, but if that's the only highlight of the movie, then that leaves much to be desired.

1 star out 5.