Thursday, 27 November 2014

Flawed Select committee

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee dropped the ball today.

They did receive an orline submission. But didn't follow through with an Oral submission as I had so arranged yesterday with their Clerk.


Here are my typed thoughts that I wanted to give in my Oral Submission.

These have been sent on to some MPs and Media as of the Evening of the 28th of November 2014

Tena Koutou katoa, nga mema o te Komiti Whiriwhiri

Good afternoon Honourable members.

Thank you to the Chairman and the committee for allowing me to speak.

Special Greetings to him.

Kia Ora Dr. Reti MP of my home town Whangarei, Mr Benett, an MP from the Town I studied.

I acknowledge all committee members especially Dr Kennedy Graham.

Nga mihi nunui.



Thank you all for reading my online submission on this Bill.


Please know that I am not legal expert, my field is more Education.



But I address you all today, based on my submission and on my commitment as a New Zealand Citizen and indeed a Global citizen, and I have a strong commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you Mr Shearer having worked previously fof the UN will know this well, as I expect all the other Honourable members will know.



Today, my first korero before you  is in the defence of the Freedom of Movement.


I believe it is a fundamental Human right, upheld in national and international law, to be able to move freely without hindrance. In fact, any of us who read the cover page of our Passports will know that the Governor General himself and our Head of State, whom he represents, BOTH uphold this fundamental freedom.


Therefore, I completely fail to understand, why issuers of this Passport (ie the New Zealand Government) would in 1 breath grant a passport and in another take it away.

Yes it is their property, but why issue it, if that desire so exists to take it away, based on the assumptions of some government official.


The taking away of someone’s passport or Uruwhenua is a contravention of tikanga, in so much that the Maori Warrior in the Coat of Arms of that very Passport, defends the tikanga and the mana of somebody to move freely upon the face of Papatuanuku, Tawhirimatea and Hine Moana.


This proposed legislation contravenes all of that. And this is a gross perpetuation of Human Rights abuse.



Secondly, I wish to remind the Committee that I can find NO ‘Special Circcumstance’ that would

Warrant No Warrant.

My home and my whanau are tapu to me. I know that every single one of you on the other side of this phone call also hold your homes, your own homes where your partners, tamariki and whanau are…. These are special to you.


Therefore I can not understand why this legislation seeks trample on the tapu of our homes, by potentially allowing some SIS to watch our kainga without a warrant.


I have no doubt, that there are people we need to protect the rest of New Zealand against.


But I am satisfied, that the current Law which makes the SIS and/or other get Warrants to watch us…. I am satisfied with that law and policy as it stands there.


We must not empower agents to watch our homes for up to 2 days, because ‘they think we are terrorists’.

This extends to our cars, our places where we associate and go. I don’t want my fundamental privacy and tapu to be trampled on by this Bill.


If there is a need for surveillance, there is always a need for a Warrant.


Illegal Spying has happened before.


This happened in Operation 8 in Tuhoe, and we can not let something like that happen again.


I know the Law is not intended to target specific groups… but it needs to be known… that if Abuses of power can happen in the Past, like in Tuhoe.. they can happen AGAIN.




Third and most poignant for me


Is the Human Right to be totally Free from Discrimination.


As my submission brings out, I have been investigated by intelligence agencies.


I have never been a Terrorist. I have never wanted to be one. I have never supported terrorist groups. I will never support Terrorist attacks or other actions. I am emphatic about this.


I love.. I believe in Peace.



But none of that stopped me from being interrogated and interviewed over a 2 year period by Intelligence Agencies


This was between 2008 to 2010.



If that happened under Former Laws… I can’t imagine what would happen under this Proposed Law.



As such.. This is my Oral Submission.


I am happy to take questions. Thank you