Sunday, 29 March 2015

Maori Muslim congratulates New Zealand Police on arrest of Xenophobe

Salaam to all who read this.
I express my thanks to the New Zealand Police who have successfully arrested the 66 year old Naenae-based xenophobe who was recently filmed, verbal abusing members of the public on a bus. The man was alleged to have, ignorantly used words like ‘Islams’ even though both he and we have no indication of the religion of the men he abused.
I also applaud the Whaea who stood up to the xenophobe and reached out in support of the men that were abused by the xenophobe.

Muslims face daily discrimination and persecution across the world and it is clear that in certain rare instances this is extant in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are grateful that the large majority of Kiwis are open to having people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds in our country. This is in line with the dictates of the articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We thank Allah the Almighty, for his continued providence in Aotearoa New Zealand. We ask for his continued protection of all peoples across the world, both Muslim and Non-Muslim

Saturday, 14 March 2015

NZ Media and Maori Muslims

In Peace and Love I greet all who read this
I grow tired. It is exhausting, continually responding to the Media hype about Maori in Islaam. In my small view this is fuelled only by bias, slant and sensationalism.
The media puts it like Islaam is something new and foreign even though Islaam has been in Aotearoa since the 1800S.
I am yet to read a raft of stories of Maori converts to Scientology, The Bahai Faith, Hare Krishna Faith, Judaism and Buddhism, Assemblies of God, Jehovah’s witnesses, LDS Church etc. I have met many Maori in these faiths, but the Media seems to have no interest in them whatsoever.
The media IS interested in painting young converts to Islaam as terrorists. The media does want everyone to fear Muslims and those who convert to Islaam.
It’s weird how Media will ask Maori Muslim converts if they want to join ISIS, But won’t ask Maori Catholics about Child sex abuses or Maori Buddhists about joining the murderous monks in Myanmar. Maori Christians will never be asked if they support the African terrorists who say they do things for Jesus Christ, A Maori convert to Judaism is never asked if they support the ‘Jewish Taskforce’ or if they want to go join the Israeli Defence Force. Maori LDS are never put in front of the media and asked about Polygamy or historic Church racism.
NONE of these are frequent Media events or stories.
WHY??? Because we already KNOW and accept that Extremism is in all Religions, All Groups and ALL Organisations, and that adherents of these don’t ever support Extreme or Extremist behaiviour insomuch as it has NO Bearing on them or their practice of their faith.
Maori Converts to Islaam are like like Maori converts to ANY Religion. They are seeking a form of spirituality. They are seeking a form of community.
This isn’t a rejection of Marae, Hapuu, Iwi or other Whanau structures. This does NOT represent a rejection of Te Reo me ona Tikanga.
The media will speak to Maori Muslims who were in Prison or work in Prisons, BEFORE they speak to the Maori Muslims Mums, Gym lover or Educated Maori Muslims.
I know Maori converts to Islaam, who are teachers in Kura and Kohanga reo. I know Maori converts to Islaam who love the Gym like anyone else. I know Maori converts who are some of the coolest Mums. There are many many converts like this, I acknowledge them.
I LOVE how Maori people are embracing many many different religions, or exploring our Ancient Tikanga or who have no faith or religious affiliation at all. Maori are diverse in views, religiously, socially, politically and in all other ways. THIS IS AMAZING.
I just wish that the Media had this same understanding too, but let Maori in Islaam just live their normal lives like any other Maori.
He aha te mea nui o te Ao?? He tangata, He tangata He Tangata.

Friday, 13 March 2015


This is a haka I just wrote
I am not a seasoned writer of haka and this is my VERY FIRST attempt.
The haka is short but carries a message expressing a Maori opinion on Deep Sea Oil Drilling
Na TeRata Hikairo 2015

I te timatanga,
Na nga Atua, whakaataahua,
To ratou whaea
A Papatuanuku
Ma Tane, te whakakaakahu
Ma Hine-Moana e piata ai te wai
Ma taatou, nga Uri
E whakamana ai ratou
Me te tiaki to tatou Whaea, a Papatuanuku
I te mea, ko ia te Whaea
Na wai te whakaaro o te OKA???
Te okaina ai to taatou Whaea,
Te okaina i te Moana.

Oka te Ngakau
Okaina te Pito,
Okaina kia
Kohuru a Ruaumoko

Okaina te Tangata
Rere ai te Toto,
Okaina te Whenua
Rere ai te Hinu.
Ko nga hua he rite,
Rite ai nga hua
Mate ai Whenua
Mate ai te Tangata,

In the beginning, the task of the Gods was to beautify their mother
Their Mother Papatuanuku.
Tane’s task was to clothe,
Hine-Moana’s task was to make the water sparkle.
We who descend from the Gods,
Must honour them by continuing this sacred task.

If Papatuanuku is our mother,
Who could think to STAB her???
To stab the Earth and
To stab the Sea.

Stab (her) heart
Stab (her) navel
Stabbing and murdering (her baby)

If a person is stabbed, blood flows
If the earth is stabbed then Oil flows.
The result is the same,
You get the same result

If the Earth dies
Then People will die

Friday, 6 March 2015

Northland By-Election 2015

NB I am not on the General roll, I haven't ever voted for National, I am not a National Party member or anything like that.
Have a wee look at this Wikipedia entry on the Electorate of Northland

Now see these official results from last year

There was a clear winner in Party vote AND Electorate vote

According to that SAME Wikipedia entry, the last time the National Party candidate faced a really serious contender in 2005, the National candidate STILL got a clear 16,000 votes and had a clear win.

I KNOW that Winston Peters is an incredible contender for the seat of Northland, he is formidable, opinionated and a very polarising personality.

But last year his Party got less than 5000 votes in Northland, where as National got triple that.

AND in my opinion, Northland voters will think 'If Winston, good as he is, really cared for Northland why has he never stood in the general roll Northland seat before now????".... AND "Can we really let him upset the precarious balance of the John Key-led Government????"

The seat of Northland IS a SAFE National seat.

The Labour candidate is an amazing women, the Act Candidate is not well known and neither in the MANA Candidate.

National and their big farmer man have this sown up.. Yes they had the the big guns out today with the Prime Minister, but that was more a show of a commitment to the Electorate more than anything else.


This is just my small opinion, we'll wait and see how this really turns out.