Sunday, 29 November 2015

When Auckland Councillors DON'T Care

Here is an email that I just sent to Auckland Councillor Callum Penrose

NB: This post will be adapted once I get his response

My whanau have lived in Manurewa all of my life.

I have extended Whanau in Papakura.

Cr. Penrose.. I am making reference to this piece from today

Allow me to be FRANK with you.

I have close friends who were valuable members of Council staff for many years. People who gave their lives for the South Auckland community.

To read your words of 'reducing the loss of institutional knowledge' and 'minimizing disruption'.... seemed UTTERLY disingenuous to the point of of being callous.

When I consider the impact on families of former Council staff.... Humble people.... and how the ECA has struck at them like a blunt axe

I know in my heart... that Councillors like yourself.. either didn't think of them... Or just plain didn't care.

Yep. This is NOT about Politics.. this is about real people.

Councillor... to some in South Auckland.. you could be called a disappoinment.

I offer respect to you personally, as a leader in Auckland

BUT... I do not.. I can NOT honour integrity that I do not see.


TeRata Rangi Hikairo