Thursday, 5 January 2017


We only have until the 31st of January to SAVE POINT ENGLAND RESERVE

Below is a Press Statement I just sent out and an email to the community.



Community Advocates are calling for support to oppose a Housing Development at a Local Reserve in East Auckland.
petition has been created to SAVE POINT ENGLAND RESERVE

The petition was created by Tsz Ho a local pharmacist affected by the potential development.

Ho and other Advocates worry that the development could lead to 

* POLLUTION of the Local Beach, Bush and Omaru River
* Loss of a Community and Event's space

The reserve is home to local bush, wildlife and sea life.
The reserve also hosts important community events like Concerts, Runs and sporting Events like the Weet Bix Tryathlon.

Advocates worry that all of this will be negatively affected and that current residents may also be negatively affected

Advocates are calling on the media to alert the community and also want people to make submissions to Parliament so as to STOP THE DEVELOPMENTS AND POLLUTION.

Advocate TeRata Hikairo says 'We must have this place available for future generations and we must preserve our environment. If you want to help stop this, email me" 



Tena Koutou Katoa
Nga Mana Whenua Ngati Whatua ki Orakei, Local Teachers, Ruapotaka Marae, Community Advocates and Local Board Members

Please read this email and then forward this email to your networks in Glen Innes.

I am calling for community support to 

Before Parliament RIGHT NOW, There is a Bill that would see land being rezoned for Housing Developments on the Point England Reserve.

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 31st January 2017

I am calling for this OPPOSITION BECAUSE

1. Point England is a Reserve, with local bush, the Omaru River and Sea life close by. It is a reserve and should be treated as such. There is no actual reassurances that a housing development would NOT negatively affect, even pollute the local environment and affect local bush life and sea life. We FACE LOSING AND POLUTTING OUR OMARU RIVER AND WAITEMATA HARBOUR, IF THIS DEVELOPMENT WENT AHEAD.

2. Point England Reserve is a critically important Event's space where we gather, we celebrate and we hold events. This Reserve is important to our community as are the walk ways and access ways to the reserve. These Events build a stronger sense of community. The whole space as it is currently is important to our community.

3. Our tamariki love the playground, love to run around, love this place. We must preserve the whole space for them. A Housing development may not be good for the tamariki who use this reserve. Our tamariki can learn more about their environment. A housing development would negatively affect these learning oppurtunities.

I myself have already made a submission to Parliament 

I urge you to do the same WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL THE 31ST OF JANUARY, DO THIS QUICKLY!!!!!

TeRata Rangi Hikairo


  1. POINTS HAVE BEEN RAISED ABOUT HOW NGATI PAOA ARE GOING TO BE PART OF THE REDEVOPMENTS: Nevertheless my personal concerns about the Environmental Pollution, Effective Community Consultation and Collaboration with all stakeholders still remain. The fact is, 'special housing areas' and 'rezoning' does NOT stop a housing crisis quick enough.. and the Government provides no real assurance that they'll even provide Ngati Paoa with adequate support in achieving their aspirations... when thousands are homeless, what real actual difference does 300 houses make.. really. We must honestly re-examine this in my opinion.

    1. More to THIS Point, I have just learnt, (or rather, had it confirmed) That this land is NOT Yet part of a Treaty Settlement for Ngati Paoa. The Office of Treaty Settlements confirms (as of today 13th January) that Ngati Paoa have NOT signed for the land.... Yes Ngati Paoa ARE involved in the Developments if they go ahead, but the land right now still belongs to the Crown, NOT Ngati Paoa. Very interesting indeed.

  2. Select Committee submission:

    Item of business : Point England Development Enabling Bill Submission name : TeRata Boldy
    Honourable Members
    Scott, you know my connections to Manaia. Eugenie and Mojo, I want you both to think about what this development could mean to the local sea life, the Omaru river, the local bush walk, in fact I invite you to come visit and see for yourselves.
    Matua Ron, Matua Nuk, Whaea Joanne, Whaea Meka, our rangatahi Maori and their whanau would lose out, as Maori, please consider this ---- I have lived in this area. In 2016 I taught in Glen Innes and also worked with the community, namely organisations like Mad Ave and Ruapotaka Marae. My whanau have connections to Glen Innes and in fact on a personal note, Glen Innes was a place where my parents grew up. Wider members of my hapu and iwi through urbanisation have settled here also as mataawaka. -
    My submission relates to how I would NOT approve of this land being re-zoned for housing.
    What the bill is not considering is that as the community of Glen Innes, we'd like to be able to have many access ways in to the reserve. We also don't want to lose any part of the Reserve for any reason.
    I bring the committees attention to Events that have been held in the past 12 months and Events that will be help in 2017. YES, Point England Reserve is a very very important Event's space. TRUE COLOURS was a Suicide Prevention, Family Focused Event held in 2016 at Point England Reserve and utilised the whole space. In fact, without use of the whole space, the event would NOT have been a success.
    3 upcoming Events in 2017 need full utilisation of a large part of the space AND also the community will need mutliple walkways and access ways to get to these events. These Events include
    * Mai Summer (An Outdoor Concert) * Weetbix Kids Tryathlon and * Movies in Parks --
    NOW. Whats most important to note, with Point England being an Important Events space;
    Is that, were the rezoning and Housing development to go ahead and residents to move in; Potentially what can happen is that THOSE residents would be agitated and negatively affected by noise pollution and other effects of large events if they are so close to the Reserve.
    As it is currently, the large Events DO NOT pose any threat to any local residents living near the Point England Reserve as there is enough distance from their residential properties and no major disruption to them.
    Rezoning WOULD No doubt create disruption for any potential residents of the development.
    As mentioned earlier too, on top of events, even if the bill says it will be 'away from the Omaru river' we do NOT have adequate assurances that a housing development WON'T negatively affect the river or local sea life, not to mention the local bush. This environmental impact is a further consideration for the Honourable members of the committee.
    Thank you for reading