Sunday, 1 January 2017

Did Scientology just dissuade against Trump

I'm genuinely interested in the words of the leader of the Church of Scientology.

Now, before I go on, yes Churches are not political, and Scientology is NO exception.
Churches generally don't make public statements endorsing any particular political party or political candidate. And of course, what I read, if taken for it's face value, reflects that. Scientology would be speaking ambiguously to it's international membership, urging them to push forward in the aims of that religion. That's what their particular statement looks like.

“Thus, we of the Church believe in human rights. We believe in racial equality. We believe in liberty, eternity and the dignity of Man.

But.... anyone who knows anything about recent American politics and the election of President-elect Donald Trump, would see these words as somewhat of a loaded statement.

It might me considered a warning against Trump.

Now I may be drawing a pretty long bow, BUT, Do you remember what Donald Trump said about Mexicans?

Or what Trump said about Muslims (Muslims are a religion, not a race, but you can see the bigotry in Trump's statement)

So with this in mind, am I really drawing a long bow???

Or did the leader of the Church of Scientology, in his own Scientology-Language (although also clearly in ENGLISH) just warn against Donald Trump.

I am generally interested in this, given that many of my Facebook friends are Scientologists who have supported Trump or even voted for him.

Just a note to them, this is all publically available on the internet. The quote that I screenshotted is on front page of the Church's website right now, and everything else was found with a quick Google search. This is not attacking per se, this is me asking questions only and in my human-right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech which the Church supports.

All interesting don't you think???

I personally am happy if what I think is true, because I too of course stand for Human Rights and Racial Equality, Liberty and Dignity.

The statements above from the Church oughta be congratulated because whatever one thinks about Donald Trump, what he has said as evidenced above is CLEAR Bigotry and what he has said, oughta be condemned. Congratulations David Miscavige and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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